Xin Cuisine, A Place For Great Cuisine With The Family

I have somehow deemed Xin Cuisine as my unofficial favourite Chinese restaurant whenever I want to have a nice Chinese dinner with my family. I think its my 5th time back to the restaurant at Holiday Inn Atrium and this time round it was a celebration for my dad’s 52nd birthday and a belated celebration for my Grandma’s 79th Birthday. It was yummily good with Peach Buns, Imperial Treasure Duck and Fresh Lobster Salad.

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Starting off the dinner with the traditional lotus Chinese Peach Buns for longevity.


I knew mum requested the restaurant to make a Fresh Lobster Salad, and Executive Chef Kwan apparently did it very finely in ornate presentation with the sides presented with Crisp Suckling Pig on Foie Gras.


The salad cream to lobster to fruit ratio was well proportioned with nice mix of sweet creaminess and fruitiness coupled with a crisp savoury flavour. The sides of Foie Gras with Suckling Pig was by itself a very nice combination. Crispy suckling pig skin layered the top, only to finalise with an impactful soft tender complex earthy tasting foie gras for compounded effect.


Now I didn’t manage to get all the names in English for the dishes as some of them were customized by Chef Kwan itself. But to me, I thought this broth would be aptly coined the Sea Treasures Cream. Sea treasures because of the use of scallop, fish maw, cartilage, all to produce a seemingly creamy like broth which was rich in collagen yet scented with sweet and savoury notes. Each drop was remarkably tasty, I wished I could have another bowl.


If I am not mistaken, this dish is the Steamed Fresh Grouper, Tofu and Chestnut Combination with Light Sauce. Tender and soft, it was well textured with each morsel being fine, light and meaty. Yet with no sign of heaviness in the creation.


And for the main dish of the night, the Imperial Treasure Duck. A whole duck braised with an assortment of goodies. Stuffed with plentiful chestnuts to sweeten the flavour from within, the duck is left to sit in a gravy of salted egg yolk cream with xiao bai chai to adorn the sides.


I loved the tender meat of the duck, and being a outright fan of all things chestnuts, I took this dish like a duck to water (seriously no pun intended). And as I type this I keep thinking back to their Roast Duck with Tea Leaves which is also another of their signature best. Ahh.


Dessert time, and Chef Kwan truly amazed with a special creation of what I believe is Honey Osmanthus with Dragon Fruit and Cranberry. Apart from it being dressed to the nines, the dessert itself was so crisp and clear, it was an amazing freshener after all decadent dishes from before.


To end the birthday get together, there was the Bird Nest Egg Tarts which is available during their Sunday Dim Sum Lunch menu and the always intoxicating Fried Sesame Balls with Red Bean and Chocolate Liqueur Filling. A bite into this unassuming traditional chinese dessert will only reveal a burst of chocolate and champagne liquid that will ooze out and leave you with a shot of instant “high”.


Senior Service Staff Captain Lien Yoke Khuen


Me, Executive Chef Kwan and Restaurant Manager Raymond


Dinner at Xin Cuisine was once again a remarkable affair. And both dad and grandma greatly enjoyed it. It was a simple get together with my family, but it was a night to remember. Happy Birthday Mama, Happy Birthday Dad.

Xin Cuisine
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