Wild Turtle Soup – Seriously, that’s just the shop’s name

DSCF5459 Wild Turtle Soup
Opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre
Address : 20 Jalan Tampang

Excellent, authentic herbal soup.A must try goes for the Ngoh Hiang.


Turtle Eggs – That’s a lot of yolk.

Honestly, I can’t comprehend the fact that in the past 2 months, my family has visited the same restaurant/shop/little shop/cafe for at 3 times just to savour the house’s Herbal Turtle Soup. And what’s more convenient is that the shop is just a stone’s throw away from my house in little Singapore.

The little abode of Wild Turtle Soup strikes anyone looking across the street with its obvious red signage and it is hard to miss. Just situated across Sembawang Shopping Centre, I believe anyone would find it easily.


Herbal Turtle Soup – Herby, Nourishing, Soft, Tender, Delicious.

These days, its getting harder and tougher to find Turtle Soup in Singapore. And that’s not to mention good quality Turtle Soup. So I must say that this shop serves up one of the best so far. If I am not wrong, my distant memory recalls another shop somewhere in Hong Lim Complex Hawker Centre but that is so long ago (precisely proving my point of this particular scarcity in the nation)


Straight to the point, the Herbal Turtle Soup is savoury with a decent amount of turtle pieces served. There is a strong herbal flavour and it could do with a dash of pepper. The meat is not overcooked and the best parts come from the jelly like cartilages, so grab them when no one is looking. What’s best is that once you run out of soup, you can ask for refills (though I never ask more than once, don’t want anyone to think I am a glutton, even though my stomach longs for it so)

Price for Herbal Turtle Soup (Medium) – $24.00   Rating :


Turtle Eggs – the ones in the shell and cost $1 per piece!

My family was lucky today as the almost invaluable turtle eggs were being sold today. A somewhat rare commodity as not every turtle bears the “gold”. However, today’s serving was rather disappointing as the egg yolk was hard and tough on the inside. A too obvious sign that they were overcooked. Feedback was duly given of course but it will still be a good idea to remind them again if you visit. No point wasting such jewels.

Price for Yellow Eggs (Medium Serving) – $6.00

Price for White Eggs – $1.00 per piece


Traditional Yam Rice

Ok, for gosh’s sake if you really want to enjoy the Turtle Soup meal, order the Yam Rice. Unless you are

  1. On a diet
  2. Unable to consume yams, prawns or garlic
  3. Really a lover of white rice and cannot live a day without a grai
    n of it in the mouth.

If you think you can eat 2 bowls, ask for 2 bowls in advance. I had a little trouble the other day when they ran out of Yam rice and had to struggle incoherently with my chopsticks to dip into the plain old white rice.


Ngoh Hiang – Deep fried stuffed beancurd skins – Now these are GOOD!

Ok Ok, I discovered another gem amongst the rocks for this dish. The Ngoh Hiang served here are handmade, crisply fried and served excellent with a saucer of plum sweet sauce. These are the true go-getters and bound to vanish almost instantly. Crispy on the outside, soft and juicy on the inside. Yummy!

Price for Ngoh Hiang (Small) – $6.90    Rating –


I seriously don’t need to explain this to you, do I?


King of Chilli Chop Fish Head – Do not ask me why this is the name.

Last but not least item on review today is the KING OF CHILLI CHOP FISH HEAD. A peculiar name, yet strangely suiting towards the dish. Song He Fish Head is served up in a wild mix of chilli, olives, salted soy beans, herbs and more stuff which I cannot name. The fish is steamed without it being too soft nor too tough and the savoury sauce gives that wonderful kick to each taste.

If you think you would enjoy this, go ahead and get one. I know I loved it.

Price of King of Chilli Chop Fish Head – $10.00  Rating :


Another random flower I took a shot of.

Well to sum things up, for a family of 3, we spent an amount of $72.44 but that’s also considering the fact that we are big eaters. So be prepared to shell out (no pun intended on the tortoise) a bit of cash, but hey it should definitely be cheaper than visiting some high end cantonese restaurant down orchard road.

A lovely place for some good ol’ home cooked food and turtle soup. Now where else can I find Turtle Soup in Singapore?

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