White Dog Cafe, Its just good ol’ Western cuisine

Last Saturday, I headed out to Vivocity after the NUS Open house with Darryl and William to catch The King’s Speech (an utterly captivating moment might I add). I wanted try something different, and probably a place neither of us three had tried before, so when we stumbled upon White Dog Cafe, we had to try it. Its a very short write up, with probably three full sentences after the break, but hey, let’s leave the pictures to do the talking.

Darryl had the Fish and Chips. Looks good, with a nice serving of fries under. Crispy in its golden brown glory, this was about $11.90.

William had the Seafood Pasta. Nice big prawn sitting atop the spaghetti.

For me I had the Seafood Squid Ink Pasta ($16.90). I requested the pasta al-dente and it was served accordingly. Very nice in the first few bites but then I felt the chef was a little heavy handed in the salt as it became too indulgent towards the end. And my other gripe, the black squid ink left stains all over my lips =) Good or bad I leave to you, but you wouldn’t want to kiss your girlfriend first without wiping your lips.

Service was prompt and excellent, with a panoramic ambience overlooking the scenic view of Sentosa. For the varied menu of western cuisine and somewhat decent prices, White Dog Cafe is probably my next stop for that class gathering venue with a little something for everybody.

White Dog Cafe
1 Habourfront Walk