Warm, Fuzzy, Hearty, Especially When Its Chilly


Sometimes when the weather is all cold and gloomy, one will usually think of a good bowl of soup to warm the body. Couple that feeling with the sense of tasty meat to heighten the senses, and maybe for that moment, a full day would be completed.

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Perhaps its just a moment of impulsiveness, or even a touch of zaniness, but because of the mirthless weather, all instincts will crave towards warmth, and then Auntie Kim’s Korean Restaurant comes to mind.

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I first visited the restaurant sometime back in February, and this would probably be my third time. Somehow, the allure of hot Samgyea Tang (Ginseng Chicken Soup) in the tepid atmosphere was irresistible.

Traditional favourites are always on my list, so I called for the Yagnyum Kalbi (Traditional Style Beef Short Ribs Marinated in Special Sauce). It was an entertainment for my tastebuds as the savoury sweet tastes from the marinade blended well with the textured short ribs and the braising from a good dosage of garlic.

The Samgyea Tang (Spring Chicken Stew Stuffed with Korean Ginseng Root, Glutinous Rice & Herbs). I believe that this Samgyea Tang is one of the best I have taken so far. The meat is so tender with the bones being extremely soft, to the point that it can be taken in as well. Clear and hearty, I asked for an additional cup of ginseng wine to add to the soup for that extra warmth.

As a final dish, I asked for the Spicy Rice Cakes. Chewy rice cakes smothered with a sweet spicy chilli sauce and pieces of green. This is good with rice, as an appetizer, or simply a delicacy for sole enjoyment. Though I do have to admit, that this dish for two gets a bit too much and one can only eat so much rice cakes.

Auntie Kim’s Korean Restaurant prices may be a bit steeper than the average but it still never fails to impress as one of the better Korean restaurants around. An excellent presentation of the Ginseng Chicken Soup makes the journey to Thomson all the more worthwhile. Perhaps my cravings will start again when its a Sunday with chilly weather beckoning the evening moon to rise.

Auntie Kim’s Korean Restaurant
265 Upper Thomson Road
Tel : 6452 2112
Opens : 11am – 3pm, 5.30pm-10pm

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