Wanton Noodles That Make You Smile


After bringing mum to Woodlands polyclinic for a checkup last Saturday, we settled for a late breakfast at the S11 Food court at Woodlands Street 31. Mum had Chwee Kueh, and I opted for a plate of wanton noodles which I noticed the previous time I was here. The noodles were an orangey red in colour, almost hinting of the lively use of sauces to keep it tasty and the wantons were shimmering in the light. Looks delicious, if I might add.

I was definitely delighted at the order. The noodles were tasty with a firm but delicate bite, and the use of sauces which were well mixed before hand kept each strand spicy, a little sweet, a touch of sourness with a desire to savour it again.

The wantons itself were also nicely done with the meat filling being slightly fatty which I guess would be a small bit of pork fat within. Char Siew was sweet with a touch of honey as an aftertaste.  My only gripe would be the stall name as I searched for a good half hour online for its translation/meaning/pronunciation till I gave up and called the number available. But then still definitely a very good place for wanton noodles!

S11 Food House
BLK 302
Woodlands Street 31