Wait! That Zaru Soba is Out of Place at Whampoa.



Zaru Soba – Shokudo

Pit stop at Shokudo – Raffles Shopping Centre. I had the Zaru Soba for a snack. Ok while this may not seem like a snack to you, it was still a snack. I particularly love to eat cold Japanese noodles. They seem so soft and glittery and with the light sauce dip just complementing the refreshing bite.

Burp Burp Burp, but for $6.50, I reckoned they could have given slightly more noodles though I must agree that that serving of wasabi at the side add a fiery fire to my tastebuds.

Price : $6.50    Rating for Zaru Soba at Shokudo :


What a beautiful skyline…as we waited and waited for the bus to arrive.

Well for dinner, we got lost. Trust me, when I say we got lost, we got lost. My mum, grandaunt, aunt, cousin, uncle and I wanted to head to Whampoa to check out my Uncle’s (another uncle) new home. We took Bus Service 124 but ended up going to Orchard. (It was the other way…just imagine that) And I am not saying that the bus service was especially efficient. We had to wait approximately 45 minutes in total for the buses and went traversing all about Singapore. Talk about Singapore being a small country and getting lost, just imagine this was some gigantic island…


Well the journey to Whampoa was not a disappointment as there herein lies the famed Whampoa Food Centre. There have been so much buzz about this place that I really had to go there and check the food out (Even though it was more of a "coincidence" setting really)

Somehow the Hokkien Mee (specifically Singapore Fried Hokkien Mee) attracted a very long queue. And I must agree while I was queuing up for Ruby’s Popiah (see below), a man walked past me with a plate of that particular hokkien mee and my head turned to follow the waft of fragrance.

The Hokkien Mee was heavily charred to a perfect mix (often with the "clack clack" sound of the ladle hitting the wok, much like a true master) and the toppings of prawns, squid and egg wasn’t too skimpy. Perhaps the one true outstanding taste of this dish is really the fried chilli. It really added that extra zing to each morsel. Still I reckoned it would be better with a scatter of Fried Pork Fat…please ??

Price : $3     Rating for Singapore Fried Hokkien Mee :



I mentioned earlier about queuing at Ruby’s Popiah and honestly the only thing that attracted me to this dimly lit stall was really the queue that snaked from it. Come on, who in the world would queue for Popiah unless it was really good. I had to bet my tastebuds on it and for $1.20 per piece, well it was worth the wait.

Apparently the sole factor which really stood out for Ruby’s Popiah is the ingredients which was wrapped in it. There was a good mix of the standard ingredients (turnip, sprouts, chinese lettuce, chopped omellete) plus Lap Chiong (chinese sausages), hard boiled egg and Pork Fat (I presume its pork fat because that was what it looked like.
Wrap all these up in the Popiah skin and with a smattering of black sauce and chilli, it was ready to go.

I really enjoyed each bite. It was a good blend of flavours and with neither ingredient being too strong. The best part came when the crunch of the Pork Fat erupted in my mouth and I had to go "ooooh" Excellent Excellent.

Price : $1.20      Rating for Ruby’s Popiah :



My cousin Jeremy, and I had chicken wings and Chinese rojak for dessert. Though the real highlight here is the Chicken Wings which were oh so tenderly barbecued. I cannot say much about chicken wings except that these are crispy on the outside, with all the chicken fat smothered about, with the meat succulent and tender on the inside. The drizzle of lime juice and the dip of spicy chilli with the chicken simply tickled my tastebuds even more.

I have nothing to say, except that these are really good. If you are ever going to Whampoa, you should honestly try these BBQed Chicken Wings. O LALA =)

Price : $1.10 per Wing      Rating for BBQ Chicken Wings :


Note : I can’t really tell you the stall name as I am not especially good in traditional chinese characters, but you can see how the stall looks like from below.


Overall Comments

I entered Whampoa lost and in despair because of the wrong bus ride but left the food centre stuffed to the max. The 3 stalls above are really must tries if you ever go to the Whampoa food centre (though the Zaru Soba is just as good=). Simple yet delicious ( deliciously priced ) dishes, that is sure to satisfy that stomach growl of yours.

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