The $88++ A4 Kumamoto Wagyu Wednesdays Buffet at Triple Three, Mandarin Orchard!

After my first well-received trip to Triple Three, I had been excited to return again. I finally got the chance to do so this month, and while I found that much had remained the same, one thing had changed.

There were now daily themed buffets, including Triple Three’s thematic take on top-grade, A4 Kumamoto Wagyu beef on what it calls Wagyu Wednesdays.

How good is the beef, and is Wagyu Wednesday worth the visit?

Is the Wagyu beef good?

The beef is faultless. This isn’t unexpected, since the Japan Meat Grading Association has graded this Wagyu a four on a five-point scale (five denotes ‘extremely good’, and one refers to an inferior cut of meat). You can expect this premium meat to be buttery, tender, and generously marbled.

But you will have to be strategic about the beef dishes that you go for, since the restaurant serves the Wagyu in seven different ways, and they aren’t crafted equally.

  • The star of the show was undoubtedly the grilled Kumamoto Wagyu beef. Make this your first stop at the buffet’s yakinuku station. These three to four beef slices were heavenly—sliced to a perfect thickness, they were smoky, buttery, and melt-in your mouth. I went back half a dozen times for this remarkable dish.
  • The Kumamoto beef is also done in the following ways, which were decent, but not spectacular:
    • Steamed with herbs, onions and enoki mushrooms
    • Roasted to a medium-rare doneness, with a special house blend of herbs
    • Done nigri-style—slices of beef are served over vinegared rice
    • Done tataki-style—thin beef slices are marinated, lightly seared, and then served with homemade yuzu-ponzu dipping sauce.
    • Stewed
    • Served with rice. The soft-boiled egg served alongside went nicely with the beef in this gyudon, and I would have gone for more than one serving, if not for how I wanted to leave space for the grilled Wagyu.

Is this buffet worth the visit?

This buffet is not the cheapest in town (see prices below), nor is it the most extensive. But you will get what you pay for. The grilled Wagyu alone is worth the cost of dinner. On top of that, there is a strong seafood selection. Enjoy freshly-shucked Pacific oysters, red prawns, Alaskan King Crab legs, mussels, clams, as well as Boston lobsters when they are seasonally available (note: Triple Three has a lobster buffet on Fridays and Saturdays; see below). I also found Triple Three’s pastry selection to be particularly strong.

Consider too, that Triple Three’s location in the middle of Orchard Road means excellent public transport connectivity. Several other good dinner buffets are in hotels that are not easy to get to without a car.

If you are keen to visit Triple Three, but don’t fancy beef that much, the restaurant also has the following themed days:

  • International Mondays: Great for an after-work tipple and meal, with free-flow Kirin draught beer.
  • Foie Gras Tuesdays: Exactly what the name suggests—the buffet features foie gras in a variety of styles.
  • Okinawa Thursdays: Sample champuru (stir-fried) dishes, soki soba, wild tuna, ashi tebishi (Okinawa-style stewed pig trotters), and fresh fruits from Japan’s Okinawa Prefecture. Orion Beer also goes for only $28++ for a bucket of five.
  • Lobster Weekend (Friday & Saturday): The lobster mentaiyaki (lobster baked with roe) is the buffet line’s mainstay during these two days.

Triple Three is probably one of the few buffets (if not the only one) currently to serve great Wagyu beef at a very reasonable price. Wagyu Wednesdays might only run for a limited duration, so make sure you go down soon to savour cuts of this premium beef.

Thank you, Triple Three, for the invitation.
Image Credits: Mandarin Orchard

Triple Three
Mandarin Orchard
Level 5
333 Orchard Road
Singapore 238867
Reservations: 6831 6288/6271

Kumamoto Wagyu Wednesdays

Every Wednesday starting 3rd May 2017, until further notice.

Opening Hours

Dinner: 6.30pm to 10pm daily


Sunday to Wednesday:

$88++ per adult; $33++ per child (6-12 yrs)

Thursday to Saturday, Eve of Public Holiday and Public Holiday:

$108++ per adult; $48++ per child (6-12 yrs)