Two Michelin Starred Chef Bruno Oger Presents A Delightful Epicurean Menu At The World Gourmet Summit 2015!


This year’s World Gourmet Summit has seen a wonderful group of well-renowned chefs make their way to Singapore, allowing gourmands all over an opportunity to savour in some of the finest cuisine. From now till 24th April 2015, Chef Bruno Oger of two Michelin star fame and mastermind of multiple Cannes Film Festivals dinners, will be presenting a special degustation menu for this special event. Learn more about the beauty of French cuisine redefined in Chef Bruno’s take on dishes such as the Scampi Ravioli with Sea Urchin Coral or the Gillardeau N°2 Oysters with Cucumber, Mint and Petrossian Caviar. Either way, this will be a unique moment to engage in, and remember.


Start off the meal with the amuse bouche of Gillardeau N°2 Oyster “Marinière”, Cucumber, Mint and Petrossian Caviar (Mariniere d’Huitres Gillardeau N°2, Concombre Menthe et Caviar Petrossian). This was a wonderful way to begin the meal, and definitely a mouth-watering appetite starter. Simply spear the entire portion with a fork and indulge in the myriad of flavours soon to follow. The oysters, fresh and sweet, simply burst in the mouth. Its rich and buttery flavour well complemented with bits of salty and exquisite Petrossian caviar. The thinly shaved cucumber tinges the overall flavour with a touch of acidity, cleanly balanced out with a subtle layer of mint. It was a memorable start, and something I would imagine to have again.


Next up, tuck in to the Frog & Clam Cappuccino with Shallot & Yellow Wine (Capuccino de Grenouilles & Palourdes a l’Echalote et Vin Jaune). The portions of frog and clam were unique combinations in itself. One slightly meaty and neutral, the other a little more chewy and sea sweet. Both were nicely complemented with a slightly tangy wine sauce that was sweetened with shallots.


The next dish of Scampi Ravioli with Sea Urchin Coral (Raviole de Langoustine au Corail d’Oursin) was a delight in itself. The lone ravioli is topped with a portion of langoustine and sea urchin, and layered with a crustacean cream and foam. The flavours were warm, hearty and mildly nutty – leaving each mouthful longing for more. The scampi was textured, slightly meaty and a touch creamy, and a distinct contrast from the firm, boiled zucchini at the bottom. Nonetheless, while I enjoyed the dish as a whole, I thought the sea urchin was a little too briny for my liking. But for those who must enjoy the sauce to the last bit, I would suggest going a little casual and scoop it up with a little toasted bread.


To my surprise, I received the Sea Bass Lemon-Lemongrass, Gambas & Coriander Tartar (Loup de Ligne Citron-Citronnelle, Tartare de Gambas a la Coriandre) quite well. The fish was both cottony yet firm, breaking apart gently with slight pressure. The meat was sweet and nicely flavoured with acidic lemon and heavily scented lemongrass. I thought the base of herbed sauce was a unique mix, and suitably noted that the crisp beansprouts added a distinct grassy flavour.


The portion of Veal Knuckle Cooked for 24 hours and served alongside Mashed Potatoes with Salted Butter was a simple delight that showed both finesse and a hearty imagination. I’ve always enjoyed flavourful portion that managed to bring together flavours in a full-bodied fashion. Hence, the veal that was vacuum-sealed with herbs and cooked in a steam oven for a day definitely meets that mark. Although not exactly melt-in-the-mouth, each portion was tender and firm – giving a good bite that was both appetizing and filling. And I must also mention, the mashed potatoes were also chunky and nicely scented, making this portion a homely creation that probably deserves a medal.


End off the meal with a sample of Strawberry Madness (Traou Mad aux Fraises). Cake, topped with a creme brulee and served alongside some strawberry cream and base, is made all that more wonderful to enjoy off on a sweet and sour note.


Executive Chef Sandro Falbo, Me, and Chef Bruno Ogers


In all, Chef Bruno’s epicurean creation provides a sample of the deeper itinerary of cuisine that he is well acquainted with. I thoroughly loved the oysters, the ravioli and was left impressed by the effort and dedication put into the 24 hour veal. Although there were some dishes that stood out more than the others, I thought the overall experience was one well worth the visit. For fans of Chef Bruno, this is probably one more chance of getting to enjoy his cuisine without flying all the way over to Cannes. To those who wish to experience ‘haute’ French flair in Singapore, this could be the first stop to indulge in.

Thank you WGS 2015 for the invitation.