Twin Crescents – A fish tale


My creation and adaptation of the Hainanese Steamed Pomfret – Twin Crescents

I have always been intrigued with the concept of steaming my food. If you realised, my previous dish "Golden Treasures" was also created by steaming. I have reckoned that by steaming the food, you retain the natural goodness of the ingredients itself and with garnish as light as possible, you are able to add a hint of delicate flavour.

Today’s dinner saw me thinking up a new recipe of steamed pomfrets. Mum told me that my maternal grandfather (ah kong) had always cooked steamed pomfrets with lots of ginger, pickled mustard leaves and a sprinkle of wolfberries. I remember vaguely (when I was very small) that that dish was somewhat unique. Perhaps it was because my grandfather cooked it in some special way – I don’t know. (Heard that he placed some sort of ceramic spoon under the fish…hmmm must try that one day. I wonder why?)


 Twin Crescents Garnished with Pickled Daikon and Spring Onions

My version however is an adaptation of how my grandfather used to cook the pomfrets. I substituted the mustard leaves for sweet pickled Japanese radish (Daikon) and added more wolfberries. Oh yeah, I also added a piece of chilli.

What turned out after 35 minutes of steaming was a pair of delicate pomfrets with a sweet-spicy (due to the ginger) soup base. Each bite of pomfret flesh had a touch of ginger aroma. To any extent, it was a very light and satisfying dish.

I paired the pomfrets for dinner with some porridge. Nothing much and nothing out of the ordinary – just simple white porridge and a little garnish of chopped Pickled Daikon and spring onions.


Look at ‘zis’ (heavy French accent) – its a zimple porridge.

Nothing beats having a simple porridge for dinner. Like the old cliched saying goes : A sumptuous breakfast, A filling lunch, A light dinner.

A good breakaway from any daily fare of rich food. I am so excited to share with you this recipe for your way to good health!

 Twin Crescents

  • 1 piece 30 gram old ginger, sliced.
  • 3 teaspoons of wolfberries
  • 1 chilli
  • 2 pomfrets, cleaned (small)
  • salt
  • 2 slices Pickled Daikon (Japanese Radish)
  1. Wash the pomfrets with salt on both the inside and outside. Meanwhile, prepare steamer and ensure water is boiling.
  2. Rub a pinch of salt in the stomach area of each pomfret. Sprinkle another pinch of salt over the fish.
  3. Place a teaspoon of wolfberries inside the stomach area of each pomfret, followed by a few slices of ginger.
  4. Scatter the remaining slices of ginger and wolfberries over the fish.
  5. Steam fish for 35 minutes over high heat.
  6. Garnish. Serve hot with rice or porridge. Enjoy!


The Carambola Fruit – Commonly known as the Starfruit.

The starfruit is one of the most common fruits sold in Singapore. Grown ubiquitously throughout Asia, it is commonly enjoyed on its own, or with a little salt. And when its yellow, its very sweet and drippingly juicy.

In its green state, there is the refreshing sour taste which is very energetic. Relish the goodness.