Tuck in to the Sweet and Succulent Char Siew Turkey from Intercontinental Singapore


When I first heard Char Siew Turkey, I was very much taken aback and yet keen to set my tastebuds on it. Who knows what newfangled flavours will arise this turkey season? Still, Intercontinental Singapore is set to capture the magic of Christmas this festive period with fusion flavours that aim to surprise all guests at the dinner table. From exciting sweet pleasures to savoury gourmet delights, this are festive goodies ready in a snap.


The Tom Turkey Char Siew Style (pre roasted 5kg, $120+) is slow baked at a low temperature after going through a thorough marination of Chinese Rice Wine and Char Siew Sauce. The shiny red skin betrays the sweet savoury flavours from within, and it was pure delight carving out each slice. The turkey comes with a box of char siew sauce, and it goes excellently well with the meat. While turkey itself is very flat in its flavours, I found this particular style to carry good sweetness on the top with tender subtle juiciness within. I didn’t need any of the sauce as an accompaniment.

This turkey was shared with 8 friends comfortably, and all of us enjoyed it to the last bone.


As sides to the turkey, there is also Roasted Vegetables and Potato Wedges. Delish!


For something a little sweet and different, try out the Peranakan Style Gula Melaka “Chendol” Log Cake (1kg $72+). I thought it was pretty quaint, and some of us enjoyed it subtle and unique sweetness.

There was also a Brandy Rum Festive Fruit Cake & Candied Fruits (800g $40+). I don’t have any pictures of it as the toppings fell. (Pretty sad there). Yet, this was one dessert I enjoyed the most. Traditional fruit cakes with a good dose of rum and candied fruits are always the best. Smells like Christmas. Tastes like Christmas.

Festive Gourmet Pleasures are available at the Festive Hut, located at the entrance of Intercontinental Singapore to Bugis Junction from now till the 25th of December (11am to 7pm daily). Call ahead for 3 days advanced booking at 6825 1008.

Thank you Intercontinental Singapore for the festive treats!