Thinking About Miss Clarity And Her Macarons.


Today I wanted to go to Auntie Kim’s Korean restaurant for dinner. But I arrived at the door a little too early and it was totally dark inside. So instead I stopped by Miss Clarity Cafe just down the road for a breather and to avoid the heavy road works that was taking place at the same time. I have always wondered about the vibrant hues and fanciful artwork of “Miss Clarity”. And according to Nora (owner of the cafes), the place was named after her niece.

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The cafe specialises in a mix of both French, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Most of the cooking is helmed by the head chef Jonathan, and he bakes the desserts himself. (Especially the rich coloured macarons.) For tea, I had the tea time deal (2pm to 5pm) where you could get a cake/tart/pie from the counter and a hot beverage for a steal at $6.

I called for the Twin Divine, a cold firm cheesecake that has both the jelled coolness of white cream cheese as the lower layer and a deep flavoured chocolate cream as the top layer. The sprinkling of cocoa dust touches the slice with finish of sincere bitterness to complement the overall taste.

IMG_2486 _MG_2466

Mum had a piece of Macaron. Airy and light, it was a feast for the eyes.

I also had the Mango Creme Brulee ($5.80). The mango flavoured cream hinted strongly like Mango pudding though with a softer and custard like texture. And the glaze of crusted sugar at the top was surprisingly not too sweet but crisp with a slightly warm aftertaste.



Just the desserts and the company by Nora, I have enjoyed the ambience at Miss Clarity Cafe. Now, I am looking forward to the customized birthday dinner (for me!) this coming Friday planned by Jonathan for $50 per head. Wonder what surprises he will have up his sleeve. Till then =)

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  1. Justin Daniel Pereira December 4, 2010 at 1:53 am - Reply

    Dear readers,

    Miss Clarity Cafe at Thomson has closed. The one at Purvis is still open.


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