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Fresh and Daily Roasted Duck for your gourmet pleasure!

Last week, I was recommended by Aunties Veronica and Angela, lao ban niangs of Peach Garden restaurants to try out the Roast Duck and dishes at a particular shophouse opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre.

I visited the place for dinner today, and while the place looked nothing too impressive with the establishment being an almost no-frills eatery, it was a surprise for me when the dishes started rolling out!


The ginger spring onion dip is especially savoury and good. I suspect a good use of duck broth in it. Eat it anywhere, with anything!

The roast duck, widely acknowledged as the house specialty does the restaurant justice. Firm, crisp and slightly oily skin accompanied with mostly juicy and tender duck meat. Though I did encounter one or two little toughies, I thought that was still okay for an above average Roast Duck. Little seasoning is needed but definitely a must try with the ginger spring onion dip and chilli blend together with the sweet plum sauce. Half a duck goes at a price of $19.00


Eggplant with Fish and Minced Meat Stuffing

The eggplant with salted fish was unavailable today so the lady boss recommended the eggplant prepared in another style. When the dish arrived, I was rather apprehensive at the pile of darkish black looking vegetables which simply screamed ladlefull of sauces being poured over the brinjal.

Unfortunately, I was proven wrong that first impressions really count in this dish. I was instead impressed with a firm and soft deep fried eggplant stuffed with a generous amount of fish and minced pork filling. Absolutely delish! $8.00 for a small serving.


Deep Fried Beancurd!

I think stuffings are a very influential in Sum’s kitchen. As an after dinner snack (yes I was still hungry), lady boss recommended me to try out the Deep Fried Beancurd. Once again, the dish name sounded very ordinary, but lao ban niang kept repeating the dish name. I was hooked and pleased =)

Crispy, yes crispy, skin coated the beancurd which was excellently made in a combination of meat, various sweet vegetables and tofu. The batter, I must repeat, the batter was just right in coating the beancurd stuffing! Pair this with the sweet chilli lemongrass sauce provided and oh, it is guuhd! ($8.00 for a small portion)


Deep Fried Squid HK Style

Honestly, this was the first dish to come out but being last in this article does not mean that it is not good. Actually, it is one of the better deep fried squids I have tasted in a good while.

Somehow the squid is not too tough and chewy but instead easy to the bite, evenly seasoned and given a good scatter of garnish to impress. The squid also did not give a too strong of a flavour and was instead mild and more reminiscent of the tempura like coating. ($10 for a small portion)


My first step into the restaurant brought me memories (from TV shows) about the good ol’ times when eateries were simply there for you to enjoy good food. And its vibrant, noisy atmosphere is somewhat a warmth when eating with family and friends.

The dishes while on the menu may look like your standard Cze Char restaurant, is actually well prepared and presented cuisines for a delightful gastronomic experience. It is a simple restaurant with the main focus being on food. And after today’s dinner, I think I am going to be back there again, and again, and again.

IMG_2048 Sum’s Kitchen & Hong Kong Roasted Meat
3 Jalan Legundi
Tel : 6757 2118

A warm, homely simple dinner with excellent cuisine that is tantalizing for the tastebuds!

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