The Prawn Gala


The Prawn Gala served in Royal Albert’s Old Country Rose Platter

After my little extravaganza outing with my grandmother, I was left with nothing but 10 dollars in my pocket (sob sob). "Ring Ring", there went my phone (sorry for the gaudy ringtone, but if I didn’t put ‘Ring, Ring’ would you have known its a phone?) and I was tasked with a simple all too easy plan to set up lunch for mum. The only catch, I had 10 dollars left.

Nothing too elaborate though, that’s what I thought, just cook her favourite – restaurant style. So I went ahead to buy prawns, salted eggs, garlic sprouts, giant Thai lime. Approximately 8 dollars worth of ingredients. (Yeah I have 2 dollars left to pay for the booking of Badminton Courts tomorrow!) It really is amazing how the dollar can be stretched when there are stuff on offer. For eg. The Prawns were sold at 99cents per 100g (I chose about 20 pieces, about $3.00++) 


Golden Pieces of Salted Egg Yolk drizzled like snow flakes (or rather hailstones because of the size) on the prawns!

This is one dish that is extremely high high high high in calories, fat and everything. But that is what makes it so good.

I won’t be revealing the recipe here (it’s my trade secret) – hehehehehe..for the future.

Today’s creation included an extra dip made from a wondrous mix of butter, garlic sprouts, garlic, onion, mini peppers, salted egg, salt, sugar, lime, and more stuff which tasted very well with rice. Well that’s what my mum said after she started eating it with rice instead of prawns with the rice.


For the prawns itself, I garnished it with more pieces of salted egg yolk (ones that were soaked in a spa like atmosphere though the hot liquid is butter) and the zest from the Thai big lime. Nice mix, I must add.

If you have eaten salted egg yolk prawns in a good Chinese restaurant before, this is perhaps what you can imagine about my dish. Though there is that thing about the extra kick from the dip =)

My mum enjoyed this dish [For less then 8 dollars] at her six star restaurant at home. I believe you will too when you make your own version of the fabulous creation =)


For dessert, you might want to pair it off with dragonfruit (like what I did) since they are in season and it is necessary to wash down all those goodness.