The Pasta Shop, Where Japan Meets Italy


Maguro Special – Japanese Style Avocado Cream Sauce with Fresh Tuna

Leroy is going into NS soon and so I thought it would be appropriate to fatten him up before he goes in. After all, civilian life in Singapore before any service is to go and eat as though one will never get to eat again. I decided to bring him and Michel to The Pasta Shop by Sakae as it was a place I have never tried before. Think Japanese Infused Pasta and it would probably be different from your traditional Carbonara.

The Maguro Special ($16.90) was probably the most special dish out of the three that we ordered. With the Fettuccine acting as a base, bits of avocado were scattered on the top and layers of lightly seared tuna were placed in a circular pattern. The best part comes from the avocado cream sauce where over time is infused into the pasta itself, forming a good blend of complex creamy flavour. 


Going locally Singaporean for me, I had to have the Chilli Soft Shell Crab Spaghetti ($15.90). The dish is similar to what you would get at a good Chilli Crab restaurant but with the sauce only a little milder in spiciness. Sakae’s choice of using the soft shell crab is ideal for the dish as it makes the overall presentation less messy and easier to enjoy. And of course, the soft shell crab was oh so crispy.


Out of the three, the Scallop & Amaebi ($18.90) is probably a dish that is solely meant for seafood lovers or health nuts who insist that pasta should just be pasta with minimal sauces and seasoning. The wasabi sauce in this dish is rather mild and lacking a solid punch but the scallops and sweet prawns were still good as ever. Still, it looks more like a salad than a real pasta.


 Summer Tropicana ($6.80) – Peach slices, mango syrup & pineapple juice blended with ice 


Momo Tea Freeze ($6.80) – Iced Fruity Tea Blend. Topped with peach and strawberries.


Crunchy Cookies Milkshake ($6.80)

Out of the three drinks, I enjoyed the Crunchy Cookies Milkshake the most. The use of blended cookies in a milkshake is simply divinely essential. Creamy, smooth with the topping of oreos, oooo…this I like =)


The Pasta Shop by Sakae does serve up good dishes of pasta which are both unique and tasty. Other than its exquisite price factor and an almost minimalist serving, it is a pasta place that stands out. Now perhaps if they had it in a set meal, with a cookie milkshake and a nice pudding, I think that would be simply tempting =)

This meal is compliments of Sakae Sushi

_MG_5139 The Pasta Shop by Sakae
501 Orchard Road
#02-03/14 Wheelock Place


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