The Oriental Buffet With A Gong

DSCF8670 Zhou’s Kitchen
Gourmet Chinese Buffet
63 Jurong West Central
#03-28 Jurong Point Shopping Centre

Dinner Buffet : 6pm – 10.30 pm
Daily : Adult $28.80++ , Child $16.80++


A gourmet selection of Chinese cuisine, served buffet style with top favourites being dished out at the shrilling sound of a gong!


Stewed Braised Pork Belly

I revisited Zhou’s Kitchen on Sunday Night to partake in what promised to be a sumptuous serving of Gourmet Chinese Cuisine that is set to impress. Priced at $28.80 ++ (adult), it is not the cheapest buffets in town, but after the meal, the amount paid is definitely lesser than what you would expect if you ordered each dish A La Carte.

Specialty dishes and the arrival of new changes to the buffet are represented by a resounding gong by one of the cooks, followed by echoes of the name of the new dish. Out of the many which I have savoured, I am left the most impressed by the Stewed Braised Pork Belly.

The fat carries a melt-in-the-mouth texture and the meat was bursting with flavour of a well braised sauce and the subtle hint of Chinese wine imbued within the dish. Each time the gong sounds, a snaking queue would definitely form (so trust it to Kiasu Singaporeans to hover around waiting for that tantalizing newbie to arrive. Of course this means that if you are a tad too slow, the dish would quickly run out and leave you rumbling in hunger while you enjoy something else)


Chilli Crab. Definitely the choice for the diners as the dish vanishes within minutes.

The Chilli Crab is probably the most sought after dish at every dinner buffet each day. Two rounds are served at 7pm, and 8pm. And no, you cannot pick and choose what you want as the gracious servers would ladle them out on the plate. 1 person 1 plate, though you can go back and queue for more.


Slightly sweet deep fried mantou buns paired the slightly spicy savoury chilli crab gravy well. Kenny (Manager of Zhou’s Kitchen at Jurong Point) explained to me that their version of the Chilli Crab sauce is slightly different from those commonly found at other establishments. Lesser tomatoes and egg is used, and orange juice is more commonly added to give flavour to the sauce. The result? A not too spicy chilli crab gravy that can be enjoyed by more people which is not too salty or sour, but definitely something that Chilli diehards would cry foul.


In case you were wondering, yes the dinner buffet does offer a varied selection of appetizers and cold dishes. The ubiquitous Salmon Sashimi (though the ones here were very thinly sliced, I leave it to your judgment whether that is a plus or minus) and something more peculiar which I enjoyed tremendously, Shelled Prawns Cocktail (This is my own name for it, as there was no label indicating)


Very tempting and sinful, the little cup consists of chilled shelled prawns soaked lovingly in a mix of mayonnaise and slightly jelled mustard topped with dried fish flakes. Good good, I had at least three to satisfy myself.


Cold Mussels and Tiger Prawns were also up for grabs. Pair it off with the special chilli sauce with the tangy touch and I believe you would be like that lady I saw with one big plateful of prawns, quickly and skillfully shelling each piece by piece.



The mussel meats themselves were a little dismal as each piece shrunk to a quarter of its actual size. Flavours which burst out bode a slightly seawater fresh taste which may not appeal to everyone, and definitely would require the use of chilli sauce to complement the taste.


Braised Tofu with the skin topped with seaweed (I guess) : Still good as each tofu gives a good bite.


 Stewed Braised Beef Brisket

My mum was all a fritter when the clash of the gong sounded again and ho ho, the Stewed Braised Beef Brisket appeared. What decorated the platter most was the presence of shimmering glittery jelly like tendons. It was a delight with a savoury rich beef broth smothered all over it. The beef brisket itself was soft, though I found it to be slightly chewy, but that can be interpreted as a firm bite. It was well soaked in herbs and spices that spurt out with each smack of the lip.


 Baked Rice : Good, but not as fantastic as the fluffy fried rice I had during High Tea the previous day.


 Red Wine Chicken

No, No, this is not the Red Wine like the wine from the beautiful vineyards found in France. But rather Chicken midwings, simmered in Chinese wine with the addition of Red Paddy to give it is rich colour and flavour. The wine and paddy itself is prepared 1 day in advanced and left to preserve prior to cooking. What turned out in the end is a Stronger version of Sesame oil chicken with a stronger wine taste which was a tad salty because of the natural fermentation process. Still, it goes exceptionally well with rice.


Many more dishes graced the dinner buffet which I feel that I am unable to write them all down in the blog. However, I have placed pictures of some of the more prominent dishes that were presented and ones that should be tried when you yourself visit the place =)










Zhou’s Kitchen hails itself as the first Chinese Gourmet Buffet in Singapore and with the price at $28.80++, it sets itself to be an affordable experience for the casual diner who wants to sample a wide variety of Oriental dishes without blowing a budget.

Though the restaurant itself was plagued with not so stellar reviews (such as food running out, or below average service) when it opened and during the period of early this year, what I experience was contrary to what was stated.

Midway through the buffet I was already stuffed, and that was without trying out each and every dish. Service itself was good too, with plates constantly cleared by polite staff and dishes quickly refilled. A definite wide variety that will provide a fun filled enjoyment for that family outing you are planning this Sunday.

Many thanks to Kenny (manager of Jurong Point outlet) and his service staff for the excellent service provided and to him as well for the opportunity to snap some shots of the dishes presented out before the opening hours =)

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