The Great Lunch Steak-Out at District 10, Suntec City!

IMG_1727There are steaks, and then there are Florentine steaks; two sides of sirloin and tenderloin, joined by a majestic T-bone. This luxurious cut of meat is beef presented at its finest.


District 10’s Great Lunch Steak-Out is one excellent opportunity for meat lovers to sample the renowned fiorentina bistecca on our very own shores. Diners choose between a soup of the day or a butter lettuce salad, and today I opt for the salad as my dining companion selects the soup.


While we wait for our starters, a crusty loaf of bread arrives at the table, baked in-house, warm and still steaming from its time in the oven. Nestled inside the loaf are layers of sundried tomato paste that impart both fragrance and depth. Dipping pieces of the bread into a mix of olive oil and balsamic vinegar lets loose some truly Mediterranean vibes.

The salad is dressed with crispy strips of pancetta, soft slivers of egg, and sprinklings of hazelnuts. It is light and refreshing, a clean prelude to the main event to come.


As an appetiser, we order some Grilled Calamari with Tomatoes, Capers and Kalamata Olives ($25) off the a la carte menu. The calamari is cooked excellently, and is so tasty that it for a moment overshadows the anticipation of what lay ahead. Confidently savoury, seafood-sweet, bright and deeply satisfying, this is one dish you really shouldn’t do without.


The centrepiece for the day was not far behind, with the Florentina Steak neatly carved into perfect portions of juicy medium-rare goodness.


Licked by charcoal flames and accompanied by rosemary sea salt, each morsel is succulent, tender and full of savoury flavour. We round off our meal with an excellent tiramisu; thick, creamy mascarpone surrounds moist sponge biscuits, itself coated in a delicate dusting of cocoa powder. It is a sizeable portion, but I can’t help but crave just a little bit more after wiping the jar clean.


As I lean back to let the meaty goodness settle in, I spot behind the counter an elegant chiller where District 10 keeps its dry aged meats–cuts known for their intensity of flavour–and can’t wait to give them a try the next time around. Now all that’s left to do is to remind my colleagues that what our meetings really need is to actually have some meat in them.

Thank you District 10 for the invitation.

District 10
3 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec City Mall
Suntec City
Singapore 038983
Reservations: 6822 2886