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If you are in the craving for gourmet bread and fine pastry creations, iBake at the Star Vista is one more option available for those who live in the western part of Singapore. A Prima Bakery Cafe, iBake produces “freshly baked premium gourmet-quality” breads, pastries and sandwiches each day for those addicted to a good serving of that chewy, sweet dough. Craving already?

iBake 2013

Pot pies are an excellent way to have a complete meal and if you are craving for a mix of savoury sweet with some fine crust. There is the choice of Seafood Chowder Pot Pie or Creamy Chicken Pot Pie ($6.80 ea) on the menu. Those looking for a thicker, savoury sweet option, go for the seafood chowder. Add in some freshly ground black pepper to spice things up and what you get is a warm, hearty broth with an edible bowl. The bowl is crusty on the outside with a good layer of fluffy white. Break the pieces up and dip it in the chowder for a complete meal.

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To truly a have a taste of the quality of bread at iBake, there is an option for the Petite Bread Basket ($8 for 6 pieces). Pictured here is the selection of Petite French Stick with Milk Cream; Petite Gruyere Cheese; Petite French Croissant; and the Petite Anchovy Croissant. My personal favourites start with the Petite Gruyere for the wonderful infusion of slightly pungent cheese within, the french stick for that shockingly crispy bite only to be followed by a revelation of creamy sweetness and lastly the Petite Anchovy Croissant for a burst of sea saltiness in a mouthful.

iBake 2013-5

Some refreshing White Nectar Peach

iBake 2013-7

The first vegetarian option is the Caprese Tartine ($8.50).  An assortment of grilled capsicums, eggplant, zucchini, olive pate, sundried tomato , mozzarella and garlic olive oil is placed atop a portion of crusty toast. The medley of flavours, a mild nutty to a balanced neutral is both sweet and refreshing. I particularly enjoyed the eggplant and sundried tomatoes coming together in burst of juicy sweet and sour, though I also found the drizzle of garlic olive oil a little much for the dish. In the end, I’m rather mixed about this dish. I liked it, though some may not find it a bang for their buck. It could very well be that mindsets need to change over the broader societal value of bread.

iBake 2013-8

Another vegetarian option is the Tofu Avocado ($8.50) which features a layer of pan-fried tofu, creamy avocado, earthy enoki mushroom, crisp lettuce and tomato coming together with a serving of sesame sauce. The crisp bread that sandwiched the ingredients became the main focus of this dish because of the relatively calmer flavours. It makes for a hearty, healthy option though if one did not regard the bread as premium, this would be a serving easily recreated at home.

iBake 2013-9

I thought that the Hamburger ($12.80) was a winner through and through. The homemade beef patty is wonderfully juicy, and very well complemented with the sliced of melted cheddar and sweet, crisp caramelized onion. The artisanal soft bun allowed a true appreciation of the meaty interior and, surprisingly it emphasized the juiciness of the meat. Worth it.

iBake 2013-10

The Kurobuta Ham & Camembert Cheese ($8.50) is a unique light tasting portion that was both refreshing and delightful. The crispy baguette was light and fluffy, giving clear focus to the ingredients tucked within. A well deserving tasty sandwich, though I would think that the price for this dish did not do justice to the portion size.

iBake 2013-11

Twin Cream Puffs, Danoise a la Frambois; Danoise a la Myrtille

The sweet pastries are all winners in my personal opinion. The Twin Cream Puffs ($4) epitomized the ideal crusty, flaky sweet pastry in all its powderpuff, rich sweet and creamy goodness. A combination of custard cream and light whipped cream is piped within for a gentle play on textures. The essence is in the pastry shell, highlighted with the sweet creamy interior.

Both the Danoise a la Myrtille (Blueberry $5.80) and the Danoise a la Frambois (Raspberry $5.80) feature a crisp base of light, flaky and buttery pastry. Smooth custard cream is piped on the top and subsequently layered with fresh fruits for that sweet or tart finishing flavours. Thumbs up for sheer simplicity done well.

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The Kouign Amann ($2.90) is one of those comfort foods that will sate your cravings on a cold, dreary day. This ‘butter cake’ is sweet, fragrant, slightly crisp and chewy, with the full accentuation of flavours coming from the toppings of crunchy caramelized almond and layers of fuji apples within. Give me a portion of this any day, and I’ll be just so happy.

iBake 2013-13

iBake appears to be Prima’s testbed for gourmet ingredients and flavours made available to the daily consumer. The breads and pastries are well executed with a certain level of finesse quite different from the regular bakery. The options are varied, interesting, though I would say that the price range takes a little getting used to if you consider the portion sizes concomitant to your own expectations of what bread should be valued at. It is a unique start up that is branded as for the bread and pastry connoisseurs. I enjoyed it, though I’ll probably be back for their sweet pastries more than their sandwiches.

Thank you Prima for the invitation

1 Vista Exchange Green
The Star Vista
Singapore 138617

Opens from:
Mon – Sat 10am to 10pm
Sun 8am to 10pm