The Fish and its Buffet at Plaza Brasserie.

It’s fish meets buffet at Plaza Brasserie. The freshest catch of the day will undergo tantalizing preparations a la minute in the kitchen upon request. And whether it is Cantonese style, Nonya, Thai Lime, Sweet and Sour or Black Bean, to even the Local Curry Fish Head Claypot variant, there will be sea delight for all.

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And when I say fish, I don’t mean the usual sliced fillet prepared for single serves. This time round for the Freshest Catch buffet from the 5th of July to the 31st of August, Diners will get to choose whole fishes to be prepared in the various methods. And for Indian or Local Fish Head Curry, one can choose from Sea Bream, Snapper, Song Fish and Norwegian Salmon fish heads to prepare from. Its a fishful delight that is also more, since all these is served in addition to the international buffet spread already available in its line up.

Now where’s my fishing net.


A particular favourite at Chinese Dinners, this Cantonese Steamed Sea Bass with Superior Soy Sauce was excellently created at Plaza Brasserie. The sea bass fresh, with its meat tender, soft with a tinge of natural sweetness. The sauce light and delicately salted perfuming the fish from within. Its good and at a buffet, I could go for another plate!


The Deep Fried Black Bean Sauce Snapper was good and very very attractive. Somehow the deep fried meaty portions and the black bean sauce, itself not too salted, makes each serving very addictive.


The Sweet and Sour Pomfret was also nicely done, though personally I would still go for the Steamed Sea Bass. Expect a good mix of sour sweet flavours and a burst of fresh flavours from the vegetables, onions and peppers. The pomfret is also a good choice as its meaty firm .flesh captures the tanginess of the sauce well.


Another variant, the Steamed Teochew Fish was also created. This particular serving wasn’t the best for me as I found the flesh a little tough and the broth a little too light for my palate. A good dish if one favours a healthy option though.


The restaurant’s rendition of Local Fish Head Curry is a thumbs up from me. Palatably spicy with a smooth kick from the thick spices, the curry goes excellently on its own, with rice, fish, and prata. A touch of coconut milk infused throughout gives that decadent creamy texture and fragrance, and the fish head so meaty, it was just so good.


Not forgetting, there is also the Indian Fish Head Curry which is slightly oilier, more sour with tamarind and tomato, and a thick hot base that infuses well with the fish meat and ladies fingers. The portion is huge and serves three to four nicely. Having two curries side by side would be a wild adventure though!

Only some of the choices are portrayed here, the rest, I leave it to everyone’s adventurous tastebuds.


The buffet spread ready for the taking. More live stations behind with sashimi, roast meats, prata, oyster omellete, and a selection of cheese and ice cream.


 Roast duck ready for the slicing.


Isn’t the char siu so gloriously red

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Some interesting salad concoctions for the day!


There’s fresh prata this time round for the taking!


Braised Sea Cucumber is a staple in the buffet lineup

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Plaza Brasserie’s Executive Chef Jackson Goh striking a very candid pose with a Norwegian Salmon

The Best of Asia Buffet with the Freshest Catch special will be available from the 5th of July to the 31st of August. Available for dinners from Monday to Friday, the spread is certainly one with a value for money. The choice of cooking style and fish is entirely the diner’s choice so though I may not have favoured one or two of the dishes especially, its best to still follow the sound of one’s stomach when choosing. I can imagine dinner parties being held there, or if one were simply too lazy to whip up a good meal with fish, this special at Plaza Brasserie sounds like an excellent choice.

Thank you Karen, Parkroyal on Beach Road for the invitation.

Plaza Brasserie
Parkroyal on Beach Road
7500A Beach Road
Tel : 6505 5666

Best of Asia with the Freshest Catch Buffet
Available from : 5 July to 31st August 2011. Mon – Fri Dinner
Adult : $45 ++ Child : $27 ++