The 'Durian' who was not the Durian – The Chempedak


The Chempedak Fruit – looks similar to the Jackfruit, smells like the Durian, but it is the Chempedak!

Who can ever forget the ‘ugly’ looking fruit that resembles a hybrid of mixed species. Even if you might not have seen it, you could almost certainly recognise its distinctive waft of ‘Durian and Jackfruit’ mixed together at the market. Some might even consider almost gas-like, so take cover!


Chempedek Fruits are distinctive in their silky smooth skin and extremely fragrant aroma akin to that of the durian and jackfruit combined.

It was a real surprise for me when I first cut the fruit up. I seldom ate Chempedak (wonders why…hmmm…) let alone cutting it up. To be honest, I was almost shocked. Instead of finding it arranged like the durian (I expected that), the fruit was instead hidden in fiborous spaces. Almost like ‘Lets find the Chempedak’ game.


Move over Jackfruit, Chempedek rules the day!

Still, the fruit was creamy and silky to the touch and while not as crunchy as the jackfruit or even extremely creamy like the durian, the Chempedak is unique in its own right. I particularly enjoyed the fragrance which exuded from it and the cool feeling as it goes down after that lovely chew.

Tip : You might want to boil the seeds thereafter for a hearty snack!