The Dining Room @ Tanjong Beach Club, Sentosa

Imagine white sandy beaches, the quiet lapping of waves against the shoreline, hot bods playing games of beach volleyball and Frisbee, all while tucking in to a cooling morning brunch in the comforts of The Dining Room at Tanjong Beach Club. Situated at the far end of the tram route of Sentosa, Tanjong Beach Club at Tanjong Beach is an oasis on its own. For its reclusiveness, a certain sense of exclusivity is embraced.


A freshwater pool is just outside the clubhouse for visitors to enjoy a mix and match of cocktails and snacks all while soaking in the sun.


Tucking into brunch at The Dining Room on weekends is certainly a spectacle to behold. Wide door windows frame the restaurant’s perimeter, giving diners an opportune and panoramic view of the natural landscape. The coastal dining experience is reintroduced with a nonchalant laidback relaxation for all. And you can simply hear the waves washing against the shoreline.


Brunch is perhaps most easily started off for me with Pancakes and Berries with topping of Bacon. A medley of sweet, comfort food is touched up with crisp pieces of bacon. The pancakes itself were nicely thick and wholesome with the sides well browned. The maple syrup glazed over was strongly honeyed sweet which made each pancake more decadent and sinful. More colour could go in the presentation though for a fluffed up effect to this normal staple.


But if something a little “healthier” would be in order, there is the Yoghurt Parfait with chunks of strawberries, blackberries and blueberries layered between layers of slightly sweetened yoghurt and topped with ginger cookie crumbs. Delectable and filling, it is a refreshing start to the day.


And for something a little more traditional yet with a twist to the ordinary, there is the TBC Smoked Salmon Eggs Benny. Two servings of poached eggs placed atop pieces of hashbrown and glazed with tangy hollandaise sauce while served side on side with pieces of smoked salmon make up the serving. I adored the eggs and the novel idea of using hashbrowns instead of the usual muffin (the muffin version is still available though), but I found the smoked salmon slices to be a little chunky and the hollandaise sauce could do with a slightly stronger flavour and generosity. But isn’t it just an almost picture perfect sight.IMG_3799

The only soup available for Brunch and it is the Gazpacho. Two pieces of prawns laid atop pieces of different varieties of tomatoes and flower petals is served with a mug of the tomato rich chilled broth.


Pour it all in before serve, and watch as the tomato puree trickle down the ingredients in calm, peaceful fashion. I found the serving to be cool and refreshing, and it is a good blend of umami and sweetness. Its a very calm dish with little emphasis on the ingredients but the focus on the sprightly light nature as one takes each sip. Still, the broth can be a little too light for my liking as I would have preferred a slightly stronger puree with a stronger savoury taste.

IMG_3820 IMG_3827

The Dining Room is going for some new introductions, and the day’s chef’s special is the Cured Lamb Carpaccio served with Toasted Brioche, Mustard and Pickles. The dish might appeal to some as the gamey cured taste of the lamb is certainly acquired, but when coupled with the pieces of toasted brioche and a spoonful of mustard and some pickles, the salty sour taste coupled with a strong meaty flavour does good for me.


The TBC Burger arrived on the table with its patty medium well bordering rare. It was juicy to the bite and sparsely salted leaving natural flavours to stand out. Its good and filling with a generous portion of fries. I wished it could be even more spectacular though.

 IMG_3809 IMG_3815

TBC’s Quesadillas is one dish that goes well with the piquant tomato rich dip. Warm and toasty, with melted mozzarella in between with chunks of chorizo sausage scampered here and there, this is one comfort food that I can go well for. It satisfying, and the guilt doesn’t set in that fast.


Its hard to go wrong with Truffle Fries and The Dining Room does it well enough for me. Chunky straight cut fries garnished with black truffle bits, truffle oil, powdered parmesan cheese. I was instantly hit by the earthy aroma wafting at me in full seductiveness. And its nice that the truffle fragrance lingers conspicuously after each bite, slower intensifying yet never to a point of excessiveness. Its good. Now, if they can only find a way to allow the truffle aroma to stay longer throughout the whole meal. Maybe truffle oil and bits reintroduced to the platter every half hour?


Nothing says coastal dining more than some dishes fresh from the sea. Ok maybe not straight from Sentosa’s waters, but close enough. The Chilled Prawns (Half Dozen) comes served with a mix of cajun spices and creole remoulade. Fresh and meaty with a smooth crisp texture that is delightful, the dip when taken along introduces a sense of tartness and deepens the natural sea flavours to a full bodied appreciation.


This serving of Deep Fried Calamari is one that just calls for an ice cold beer to go along with. Well battered and deep fried to a wonderful crisp, yet with the rings of squid still tender and juicy, this is one snack that just won’t stop the fingers from grabbing another piece. Sprinkle a little more salt for a stronger taste and kick, just the way I like it.


The dessert of Berry Bowl just didn’t do well for me. Maybe because its too much like the Yoghurt Parfait which I had earlier (even the ice cream is yoghurt flavoured). Talk about over indulgence. Its one or the either. But still it looks good especially since its served in the bimbimbap bowl.


Chocolate Doughnut Balls are just chocolate doughnut balls. Looks good with the molten chocolate laced over each piece and then dusted with powdered icing sugar, but the doughnuts were just chewy.


What is a beach outing without drinks. Presenting The White Rabbit Blackforest Mojito made with fresh muddled berries with sweet Raspberry Framboise and freshly plucked Mint Leaves. Termed a jungle juice for the 21st century, it was less mojito and more juice.


For something a little more deceivingly alcoholic, there is the Elderflower Grapefruit Fizz. Freshly squeezed grapefruit, elderflower cordial and fresh lime juice is infused with gin and served with ice. Delectable and refreshing.


Then there are house signatures of Tanjong Punch and Tanjong Sling. Choosing between the pineapple and the lychee, I’d go for the Tanjong Punch for its Dark Rum, Apricot Brandy, Pineapple juice and passionfruit puree. Of course the Tanjong Sling with its Vodka, Elderflower cordial and kaffir lime leaves and ginger is just as good but too icy.



 IMG_3760 IMG_3741_1IMG_3880


The Dining Room’s Executive Chef Craig Schantz and Me


The journey to The Dining Room at Tanjong Beach Club is certainly exclusively distant. But this just adds more to its certain sense of being away from Singapore or even Sentosa itself. Yet with the promise of dining fine by the beach or just relaxing over a sunny meal, this adds as another option for classy venues to dine at or even hold a private party. The food, and the experience taken with the ambience and fun is the whole package for a visit here. Just like a resort away from a resort, this could be a charming place to have a getaway from the crowd.

Many Thanks to Cheryl, The Lo and Behold Group, for the invitation

The Dining Room
Tanjong Beach Club
120 Tanjong Beach Walk
Tel : 6270 1355

Brunch : Sat and Sun 10am – 4.30pm
Lunch : Tue – Fri 12pm – 2.30pm
Dinner : Tue – Sat 6.30pm – 10pm
Closed on Mondays
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From Sentosa’s Beach Station, take the Palawan – Tanjong Tram and alight at the last stop to walk to Tanjong Beach Club.