The Cathay Restaurant, 75 Years Of Nostalgia


The Cathay, I guess many of the older generation would remember that “v-shaped” building along Handy Road with its cinemas and the presence of famous stars. The Cathay Restaurant, aptly named after the building, was also a bustling place for family dinners, celebrations, and even to take a twirl on the dance floor.

This year, the Cathay is celebrating its 75th annivesary with a tagline of celebrating without looking like their age. As part of the festivities, the organization’s restaurant launched their style of an all you can eat dinner buffet every Monday to Friday.


A presentation of modern cuisine basking in the living memories of the past, much awaits the creativity of The Cathay Restaurant.

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For all things in Chinese buffet, there are the appetizers. And honestly, I loved them. The Crispy Eggplant with Pork Floss was so light and crisp, that it was a marvel biting through each piece.  For the Fresh Prawns with Fresh Fruit Salad, it did not fail to disappoint with the generous serving of fruit that comes coated with the sweet slick mayonnaise.

Special mention must go to the meal starters of Fried Tapioca Chips. Very thinly sliced, each piece was well received and goes excellently with any gravy.

Marinated Pacific Clams were also a favourite for the night. And for this as an appetizer, yum!


I enjoyed the Drunken Chicken Roll. Each slice was so thinly cut and the meat was well infused with the wine.

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For soups, I had the Double-Boiled Shark’s Bone Cartilage Soup with Shredded Spaghetti Squash (top left). A thick consomme of rich collagen goodness, each sip was creamy to the palate and slightly sweet from the squash.

Another soup for the night was the Double-Boiled Shark’s Fin Soup with Chicken Broth (top right). There is a selection of 5 other varieties of soups to choose from if you would a good selection.

Delightfully, I also had the Soon Hock Braised with Roast Park and Garlic. On first sight, the fish looked dry and unappealing. But looks do not count in this dish as I found the fish to be very fresh and the braising sauce of roast park and garlic was thick, tasty and full of robust flavour. Good.

The Baked Fillet of Sea Perch with Honey Sauce is also another must order selection. I have always been fascinated with Sea Perch ever since trying it as Peach Garden. The texture of the meat itself is firm and oily, with that crumbly goodness in each portion. The Cathay Restaurant presents this serving baked with a glaze of honey sauce which brings out the sweet flavours of the fish together with a nice crisp skin.


And for those who cannot do without prawns in their meals. There is also a decent serving of Fried Prawns with Wasabi Salad Cream. Crisp yes, though the wasabi cream was a tad too much in this serving.

I also called for a Stewed Prawns with Crystal Vermicelli in Casserole. The crustacean is first deep fried and later simmered together with the tang hoon. All essence flows down and with the smoky flavours from the claypot, the noodles become rich in taste and sparkling juices.


Stir Fried Fresh Scallop with Broccoli

As a house signature dish, the Cathay Roasted Crispy Chicken is done quite well. The meat is tender and juicy with the skin being crisp and tasty. Very nice.


An individual must order dish when I return to the restaurant is the Crispy Noodles with Seafood. Simple ideas, with a good contrast of textures, the savoury gravy complements the crispy noodles very well.

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Desserts, I ordered the Chilled Honeydew with Sago, Chilled Coconut Jelly, and the Chilled Mango Pudding.

The Honeydew with sago was pretty ordinary though it was a little too sweet. Whereas the Chilled Coconut Jelly is a very good recommendation by the restaurant. Natural coconut juices is used in making the jelly giving a wonderful fragrance together with coconut sweetness. The Mango Pudding itself is also done quite finely. Creamy, sweet, a little texture from the fresh mango, this is one of the better ones I’ve tasted so far.


Lotus Paste Pancakes

My final dessert of the meal was the Double Boiled Spaghetti Squash with Red Dates and Longans. The squash was used creatively in this dish as the scrapped fine shreds gave a crisp texture to what would otherwise be an ordinary sweet refreshing dessert.


The Cathay Restaurant also has an A La Carte menu. I was so tempted to order the Deep Fried Crab Claw with Salted Egg Yolk ($13.80 pp) that I simply couldn’t resist.

Private Dining Rooms

Wall of fame

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All the old beauties and stars

The Cathay Restaurant dinner buffet is priced at $75++ for two people with a minimum of 4 pax. And from what I had, it would be best to have a group enjoying together as the portion was simply generous. With a wide variety of over 60 dishes, I have barely made through a quarter of them. Perhaps, this is one restaurant where the classics of the past meet the presence of today. Of old stars and traditional dishes, it is hard not to reminisce or imagine that so lovely nostalgic feeling.

Thank you Pearlie, Tracy and Sabrina of The Cathay Singapore for the invitation and to Manager Edwin of The Cathay Restaurant for the remarkable service.

The Cathay Restaurant
2 Handy Road
The Cathay

Reservations : 6732 7888
Website :

Weekday Dinner Buffet (Mon-Fri)
6pm – 10.30pm
$75nett for 2pax (min 4 to dine)

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