The Cafe Indulge – Affordable prices for fusion cuisine


It was quite an experience watching The Social Network. Knowing about the history of Facebook and how the work was created through a series of partnership, ideas, accusations and breakouts, seem to be rather ironic when the web application itself is about networking people together. Well after the movie, the group of us, Kevin, Tau Herng, Derrick, Jerome, William, and Yue Yang went to The Cafe Indulge for some savoury meals after all that popcorn. And having been there before, my fingers were crossed that it would be good for everyone.

Yue Yang had the Black Pepper Chicken Chop with 2 free side dishes of Roasted potato and salad. The dish looked very nicely contrasted in colours. Flavour wise, the chop was good and tender though admittedly the roasted potato gets boring after a while. $9.90 a serving.


For me, I had the Wok Braised Mushroom with Fried Chicken Spaghetti. A fusion creation of pasta with the recommended pesto sauce, this $8.90 dish was done decently, with the chicken remaining crisp and well seasoned throughout. The creamy pesto sauce was carried up nicely with the well cooked spaghetti as it was mix of robust flavours and savouriness. However while it is good, the last sip was still a tad salty that made me crave for water at the end of the meal.


Unfortunately, William’s order of the shop’s specialty of Carbonara pasta was a bit dismal. The creamy goodness was a tad too thin that it did not blend well with his choice of Fusilli. We reckoned this could pass off as any health organisation’s Choice awards as the focus was purely au natural. Not entirely up to expectations, even with it at $8.90.


Rib Eye Steak $15.90 Looks tempting=)

In all, our visit to The Cafe Indulge was a decent experience for fusion cuisine at creative prices within a budget. While my visit previously was better as the dishes were crafted creations from the new upcoming menu, the visit this time round was fairly okay. The staff were a little hectic as they bustled through the crowd, and I reckoned it would be a good idea to have another pair of hands on the ground. Still, the choice for an affordable meal is good, and with this variety of self thought dishes, the deal is sweetened with no service charge from the restaurant.

Cafe Indulge
2 Handy Road

Tel : 6732 3952


Sunday – Thursday 12pm-10.30 pm
Friday, Sat, PH & Eve of PH 12pm-11.30pm