Tenzaru Soba and Oysters. Yum Yum Yum.


I’ve always had this fascination with soba. Maybe its because of the noodle like nature, perhaps even the simplicity of tastes brought out crisply with a soak of light sauce and the occasional wasabi. The ones at Sakae Sushi were pretty decent and when served up with tempura as a Tenzaru Soba set meal, it is a beautiful contrast of textures and complementing tastes.

Sakae Sushi have introduced a revolving menu concept called “Sakae Signature” for each month, where key ingredients take their place as the month’s specials, allowing refreshing new dishes to adorn the plates of diners. For the month of August, the theme is Oysters. And the restaurant promises a different theme in September (curious. yes!)

The Golden Oyster Maki ($6.99) presented itself beautifully. I was “wowed” by the appearance and the subtle colour contrast of brown, white, green and vibrant red. For me, I felt that the oysters were a little overfried and the rice seasonings a little too salty in flavour.

Golden Crispy Oyster ($5.99) as the next dish, is better. The oyster was battered better with a juicy interior and crisp finish. The potato croquette as the base acts as the main to the oyster with a savoury filling that resonates of meaty earthiness.


Still, while there may be new dishes, I felt that the specialties are a little repetitive with most featuring deep fried oysters. While it is hard to go wrong with crispy delights, sometimes the natural flavours and tastes crafted with simple flavours will bring out the true beauty of nature.

The Crispy Kanifumi Oyster ($12.99) were skewered deep fried oysters on a stick and topped with mayonnaise and salmon eggs. Decent enough, I felt more could be done here as the dish seems a little pricey.


Unagi Teppanyaki Set at Sakae Sun Plaza


My Soba Sensation

Tenzaru Soba ($11.99) comes with a platter of mixed Tempura. The batter is crisp, light tasting with full focus being on the ingredients and the marriage with the tempura sauce, albeit a little too thin in nature.

IMG_0607 IMG_0643

Premium Makimonos of Lobster Tama Maki and Hanabi Maki ($5.99 ea)

This meal is compliments of Sakae Sushi.

Many thanks to Irene (Asst. Manager of Sakae Sushi Sun Plaza) and her service crew for the pleasant dining experience

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