Tampopo Japanese Restaurant – Savour the Black Pig Truffle Fried Rice


Tampopo is one of those Japanese restaurants you will have to visit at least once to try out their extensive menu that simply boggles the mind. Despite having visited the restaurant for at least a couple of times, there is always something yet to try. Considering that new dishes frequently making their way into the menu via new fangled promotions or that interesting ingredient brought in, it is almost a feat to even decide what to eat. Nonetheless, for something warm and comforting, with flavours that will surprise you, think about the Black Pig Truffle Fried Rice. It is almost a dish that will make you go ‘ahhh’ especially after that long day of shopping or simply escaping from the showers plaguing the season.

Tampopo 2013-3

The Black Pig Truffle Fried Rice is a clear contender for my list of favourites at the restaurant. Fluffy, fragrant and grainy rice is portioned out nicely with generous bits of shrooms, finely cut pork, little seasoning and then the glaze of truffle oil all about. It might not seem much, but the flavour of deep, tasty black pig is beautifully complemented with the aromatics of truffle. Very tasty, fragrant and a must order.

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The restaurant is currently having its Premium Japan Beef from Iwate promotion. The Mini Sukiyaki set comes with a good portion of new Japanese beef that is crisp, marbled throughout and yet surprisingly not that fatty. The flavour is almost mild and a little creamy, and might be something new for everybody. Have it with the sweet sukiyaki base for a homely dish that adds another layer of flavour to the meat.

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Iwate Premium Japan Beef

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Interestingly, my next favourite from the entire meal of the day is the Stone Grill Beef Cheese Curry Rice. I am already impressed by the name of the dish. Stone Grill – wonderful sizzling beef and rice. Cheese – who doesn’t love melted cheese. Curry – beautiful mix of spices all about. Have it all together and this is possibly one sinful and indulgent dish from start to end. The beef is juicy, with a good bite. Its flavours accentuated with the umami cheese, and thereafter scented even further with a little sweet and spicy Japanese curry. Finish the portion off with some slightly charred rice at the bottom and relish in the flavours altogether. Yum!

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Etanbetsu Soba

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When at Tampopo, always take a look at the dessert menu. While one may think that a Japanese restaurant is bound to have the same ol’ offerings from place to place, Tampopo is proud to have their own selection of favourites for its guests. The Scoop Cake is the creme de la creme of Tampopo cake society. Fluffy, moist, with a layer of cream and fruits in the middle, this dessert quickly captures your tastebuds to sweet glorious fluffy cake cloud nine. (Yay, I said fluffy again).

Tampopo 2013-12

For a dessert that is both refreshing, slightly tart and a classic, choose the Aloe Vera Orange Jelly. This dessert is available in limited quantities daily, and you have to order it if you need a final dish to wash down all the flavours. The jelly is viscous, slightly sweet with citrus and further made fragrant with the orange peel. If given a choice between this and the scoop cake, I’ll have both!

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Tampopo Japanese Restaurant has all the qualities of that casual Japanese restaurant chain with good, characteristic dishes that will simply make you choose and choose and choose. The menu is extensive and varied with a good number of its dishes definite to attract a certain hunger in you. While the classics might always be the tonkatsu or even the ramen, be bold and take a step into the unknown for dishes untried and unfamiliar. That said, choose what you like. Though I’ll highly recommend starting with the Black Pig Truffle Fried Rice and ending it with the scoop cake. In between, I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Thank you Tampopo for the invitation.

Tampopo (Liang Court)
177 River Valley Road
Liang Court
Tel: 6338 3186