Tambuah Mas, A HomeStyle Indonesian Restaurant


Bring on the Tahu Telor

I was searching the StreetDirectory website for places to eat around City Hall, and just by my crave for Chinese food I decided upon Putien at Marina Square. But chance as it is chance, I was to linger towards the food street alongside the exterior perimeter of the mall on the 2nd floor. And that was where I saw Tambuah Mas. The restaurant has been serving up authentic homestyle Indonesian Cuisine for over 25 years now. Of course the attractive poster of Tahu Telor also made my stomach beg to go in.


I enjoyed the cuisine at Tambuah Mas. There was a good mix of flavourful dishes, enticingly sweet platters and savoury creations. What stood out the most for me were the Ikan Pepes (Sea Bass Otah), Es Avokat and Es Teler (avocado and jackfruit desserts respectively).


Tahu Telor

The Tahu Telor (Fried Cubed Beancurd and eggs topped with a spicy sweet dark sauce) stands out as the most prominent item in the menu with it having two pages dedicated to it. I found the Tahu Telor’s deep fried egg white to be very light in both flavour and texture albeit being a little naturally oily. The beancurd is soft and provides a good contrast to the crispy egg white.

When it comes to the sauce, too much of it has been poured into the center. Leaving the center portion a little too sweet for my liking. Little spiciness could be discerned. I feel that the dish is best shared amongst at least 3 people as it is a rather big portion for $7.


Sop Buntut (Makassar-style Spicy Oxtail Soup)

This oxtail soup hinges on the soupy, clear yet oily side. It is light in texture but brimming with flavourful spices. The meat of the sole oxtail piece is soft and tender with a decent amount of fat found on it. $5.50 will serve up an individual portion.


Udang Petai Belado

This will be an interesting dish to call up for in a formal setting. The use of Petai (stink beans) while flavourful to the extent of it being an acquired taste, may not appeal to many. I found the petai to be slightly overcooked hence it became a little soft, losing its crunchiness. The prawns were decent, crunchy, and it went well with the mild sweet tart chilli sauce sauteed within. One thing for sure, $12 may seem a little much.


Mix of Ayam, Kambing and Sapi Satay

The Satay photo in the menu looked so appealing in its golden brown hue that I simply had to order a portion ($6) of six sticks. Two sticks each of Chicken, Lamb and Beef were called up.

The beef and lamb satay were succulent and sweet with a strong meaty texture, hinting to the long hours of marinade each stick sat in. When it comes to the chicken satay, the meat is more tender, neutral in flavour and definitely more smoother. A slightly smooth peanut gravy is provided, though my only gripe was that it was served up a little cold.


Ikan Pepes (Spicy Marinated Seabass Fillet, enveloped in Banana leaves and grilled)

The Ikan Pepes was a memorable dish for me. Soft, an almost creamy texture of the fine shreds of fish fillet blended all within a sumptuous agreement of spice and paste is wrapped snugly between a piece of banana leaf and grilled to perfection. Very good! It left me wanting the whole serving. ($4.5)


Es Teler

I was surprised by the excellence of the desserts. The Es Teler ($4.50) I ordered is a tropical medley of avocado, jackfruit and young coconut meat in coconut milk. An amazing combination if I might add.

A stir is all it takes to mix the sweet refreshing coconut juice at the bottom of the cup with the coconut milk at the top into a delightful blend of tenderness and creaminess. The best part? Chunks of juicy crisp jackfruit complemented well with the pieces of fatty avocado, crunchy coconut meat and the shard of crushed ice floating on the top. Clear, cool and sinful.


Es Avokat

This dessert is simplicity at its best. Smooth and simply tempting avocado is made into a thick creamy blend, topped with a drizzle of mocca syrup. It simply shrieks “enjoyment!” $4.50 is well worth it.


Tambuah Mas serves up a decent menu of Indonesian Homestyle Cuisine made affordable and tasty. Its dishes reminds one of home cooked food with its simplicity of presentation left to the flavours of the cuisine. Though when it comes to the desserts, that is when the gleam of Tambuah Mas truly shines for its creativity and interesting blend of ingredients.

And as of now, I have not eaten my dinner. All this writing about the food at Tambuah Mas is making me hungry again.

IMG_3495 Tambuah Mas
6 Raffles Boulevard
Marina Square
Tel : 6336 8911

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