Take a bite out of that fabulous Peking Duck Waffle from Wicked Waffle, Washington, DC!


Greetings all! It’s been a good two months since my last posting on this blog, and after a break settling in to the USA and starting school here, it is perhaps time to get back into the swing. As I continue my adventure here for the next few months before heading back to Singapore in June, I’ll occasionally write a few articles here and there on my American culinary adventures.

Wicked Waffle at Washington, DC was a surprising discovery both for me and my friend Anthea. I was keen to find a place that was highly recommended, dishes that were tasty and best if the creation was something unique altogether. Guided by the heavenly Yelp mobile application, I found Wicked Waffle that was a good 10 minutes walk from where we stayed.


Stack of Peking Duck Waffle (top) and Savoury Nova (bottom)

The menu definitely did not disappoint with a smorgasbord of waffle varieties ranging from the sweet treat to the savoury delights. Go for the Peking Duck Waffle that comes with shreds of meat, chopped mushrooms (I guess) and a drizzle of hoi sin sauce to liven things up. The meaty, sweet and slick flavours work very well with the crisp, made to order waffles that are free from syrup or butter. An alternative would be the Savoury Nova waffle which is stuffed with slices of smoked salmon, onions, capers cream cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. The salty, slightly smoked salmon meat contrasted with the piquant capers is a bright welcome to that morning brunch.

Excellent recommendation with value for money treats, and a great way to start the day before touring the city for some of those fabulous Smithsonian museums.

Wicked Waffle
1712 I St NW
Washington, DC 20006
(Next to Farrago West Metro)
Tel: (202) 944-2700