Spring Chicken Fiesta Collection

Welcome distinguished guests to the annual Spring Chicken Fiesta Apparel Collection! *Loud tempo music plays in the background*  Our designer for this season is none other then Monsieur Chicken Roosterik himself, critically acclaimed Chicken Design Specialist by Chicken’s Vogue International.

Today Monsieur Roosterik will unveil two of his hot and fabulous creations. So Hens and Roosters, please put your wings together for The Roosterik SPRING Collection!


Aren’t I HOT!

Mademoiselle Henrita is wearing a glazed golden embroidery on her feathers, laced lavishly with sparkling crystals. The dress is complete with a three-hued ensemble skirt with magnificent reddish brown, rich teal and oceanific blue!


The Golden Egg 

A perfect outfit for all hens who are ready to lay their eggs! Note how the shine of the outfit goes well with the glow of a "just-given-birth-to-an-egg" hen.


The fashion designer

We are not complete without seeing Monsieur Roosterik’s other work and this outfit will be brought out by the designer himself! This Spring Collection comes complete with the suit for the charming and hunky rooster. Note how the shine of the feathers really stand out, and with even more jewels, this outfit will certainly be a dazzle in delight.


Roosterik and Henrita make their chickenific appearance….*squawk* 

Now, lets one again welcome the two models on stage! *Squawk squawk squawk*

*Cheers, Camera flashes, loud tempo music…..*

We hope you have enjoyed today’s fashion show of The Roosterik SPRING Collection. Outfits are a limited collection, so place your order today!