Spageddies, The Mozzarella Was Stretching All The Way!


I must admit that walking into any Italian restaurant would entice me to order Aglio Olio if they have it. Somehow, the allure of fragrant extra virgin olive oil that wonderfully coats the al-dente spaghetti is a simple delight in itself when paired excellently with chilli and garlic. The natural flavours and skills of the chef is the most apparent when enjoying this dish as for Aglio Olio, it is the simplest of pastas.

My journey to Spaggedies, as the name implies, is strictly a casual Italian dining restaurant and it is obvious what strength the restaurant is proclaiming when it names itself after the popular Italian noodle.

Fair enough, I found the Spaghetti Aglio E Olio to be decently cooked and not too chewy or mushy with a decent amount of olive oil (though I suspect it is not extra virgin as there was a lackluster in flavour and shine). It was sparsely salted, exhibiting the robust flavours of the garlic though I have to admit that they could do with slightly bit more of the local chilli padi or chilli flakes if you insist on being a purist.


Ok, what is pasta without pizza. So naturally, I ordered a “wood-fired” Queen Margherita. Sliced tomatoes, parmigiano-reggiano and mozzarella cheese plus fresh basil adorn the thin slightly sweet savoury crust. Simplicity at its best, I enjoyed this! The mozzarella was stretching all the way.

Oooo, another picture for you to drool at!

Ok, so while all is good, the initial starter of Oriental Crispy Chicken Salad (half portion) was a bit of a miss. Salad mix, egg, pineapple diced, tossed with spicy Thai dressing and topped with crispy chicken breast, was an overkill because of the spicy sauce. The chicken was a little unappealing and to what I think, fried stuff with salad (except in exceptional cases) are a no-no. Still, some may enjoy it for its zesty flavour and bright colours.

Decently enough, Spageddies is one restaurant that I will come back for my quick fix of Aglio Olio and that simply simple Margherita Pizza. And yeah, you noticed that I didn’t note the prices for the dishes cause (embarrassed) i lost the receipt somewhere….shhhh. The total bill came to a rough figure of $37 and for the dishes, I say it was a flavourful experience =)

IMG_6935 Spaggedies
Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road
Tel : 6738 7798

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