Social Hour with a Spectacular View at Spago, Marina Bay Sands!


Marina Bay Sands’ Skypark at level 57 is one of the most iconic locations in Singapore. On a clear day, or with the illuminated night sky, the view is breathtaking. Although frequently packed with hotel guests enjoying a dip in the infinity pool, the pleasures of the Skypark is also accessible when one dines at Spago. The critically acclaimed flagship restaurant opened by the renowned chef Wolfgang Puck, Spago promises guests a range of Californian cuisine with global accents. With the space divided between a terrace lounge and a fine dining restaurant, Spago is meant for those seeking a chic spot to spend the night or to have that intimate dining affair.


The terrace lounge and al-fresco bar where I spent the evening was brisk and buzzing with activity. Yet, it was also a space where one could be detached from the crowd and simply wonder at the beauty all around. From witnessing the mixologist work their magic to simply taking a stroll around the parameters as one soaks in the panoramic scenery provided by the Gardens by the Bay, the perks of being perched at level 57 was made astutely clear.


Some light bites that are definitely worth considering are items like the Foie Gras – Espresso Mousse Tarts. Individual portioned for a whole mouthful experience, the foie gras tarts were a burst of hearty, savoury delight that was part aromatic and part textural. The buttery, deep flavours of foie gras was elevated to a degree of lightness, and the sweet touches of coconut-pandan jam was made distinct with the bits of fleur de sel.


I also enjoyed the Japanese Fried Chicken “Karaage”. Maybe I was hungry from what was an already long workday, but the crisp batter coupled with seductive pieces of tender, flavourful chicken was exceptionally mouthwatering. Dip it with the side of kewpie togarshi aioli for that mildly intense grounded flavor of garlic and olive oil which brought out the flavor of chicken oh so well.


Of course, what is a night at the bar without a drink or two. For one that is refreshing and a great way to beat the heat, savour the Love you long time cocktail. Made with Ketel One Vodka, Tangerine, Thai Basil and Sparkling Sake, the drink was punctured with notes of citrus and fresh herbs. Notably, the sparkling sake was great in keeping the cocktail light and frothy, and when served with ice, delightful.


For one drink that is a little more intense and rich with tea sweetness, have The Garden of Eden. Mango Black Tea comes infused with vodka, bits of lemon juice, and a toss or two of cane sugar. It is one of the few times where I do heartily agree that the drink’s name well reflects a degree of imaginative romanticization. The deep, bold flavours from the black tea accented with the contending queen of fruits articulated a royal sweetness that when infused with cane sugar, reminded me of a distinguished honey – a flavour possibly only present within the Garden of Eden. Of course it is a story which I have made up for myself, but the drink surely is powerful in invoking an imagination that tautologically defines the name.

IMG_3896 IMG_3863 IMG_3860 IMG_3886

Me and Chef Wolfgang Puck

My experience at Spago was brief, and only after 2 drinks and a few light bites. But it was an eye-opener in calling me back for a return visit. The drinks are simple but good, and the ambience is without a doubt, the major pull-factor. So while there is little verdict cast on the food, having a night’s out at Spago would probably already be a worthy experience.

Thank you Marina Bay Sands for the invitation.

Level 57
Tower 2
Marina Bay Sands
12pm till late