Snow flakes so pretty…


There is always something about Snowskin mooncakes that rivet my attention.  The idea of a soft and chewy skin coupled with the sugary goodness on the inside is as delicate as the dew on a blade of grass. I think that in our modern era, the snowskin mooncake is definitely a way of having traditions keep up with the younger generations.


This particular pure white snowskin mooncake hails from the famed Raffles Hotel. Packaged in an elegant box featuring a chinese lady in her traditional attire on the cover, the box alone is exudes the moments of time coming to a stand still.


Inside the box, one would find a second layer of wrapping, that of the baking paper emblazoned with "Original Raffles Hotel Mooncake" – leaving me to wonder if there are fake raffles lying around!


Still, I was impressed with the neatly arranged snowskin mooncakes in the box. Each had their own little ‘apartment’ in the golden tray. Well, it had to be golden else it wouldn’t be from Raffles Hotel, would it?


Perhaps the real deal comes from tasting the mooncake itself, regardless of how well packaged the traditional goodie comes in. I found the snowskin mooncake to be soft but not too mushy. There was a delicate balance between the sweetness of the ‘skin’ and the filling.

As part of a new creation, the snowskin mooncake came with a white chocolate ball filled with liquor. The chocolate simply melts in the mouth while the alcohol slowly oozes out onto your tongue, leaving you in sheer ecstasy. It was a memorable experience.

Now, at this standard, quality and texture, its no wonder these snowskin mooncakes are from Raffles Hotel. Any less, and it would not be fit of the name.