Slurp Your Soup & Party All Night Long!


Beef Goulash

During the award ceremony for the Singapore Blog Awards last Wednesday, my mum and I went to The Soup Spoon to grab some light dinner. Somehow we felt we would be having a rumbling stomach throughout the night.

Mum ordered Beef Goulash. It was good, savoury and chunky pieces of tender beef were served. It was what I would call “A creamy Minestrone” and the loaf of mixed wheat bread (I think) provided made the Goulash into an excellent umami dip. Burp. That was good.

DSCF8927 The night to party at the Supperclub


I particularly enjoyed the Garlic Bread or as it is known at The Soup Spoon, Garlicky Herbed Foccacia. Crispy toasted Foccacia bread with the fragrance of garlic served with a dip of what I suspect to be a thickened version of the Beef Goulash. Very nice though. But why only 3 pieces..


Boston Clam Chowder in Breadbowl – Its a meal all together.

For me personally, I ordered the Boston Clam Chowder upsized to the Breadbowl variety. Woots! Its chunky, creamy clam chowder served up in a huge hollowed piece of bread. It was a treat decimating the “bowl” bit by bit when I slurped all the soup up.

A generous portion was definitely given and even I had difficulty finishing it up. Lovely clams and the potatoes were a major plus! Though it was a little sweet, with perhaps it could do with a little more salt and a big dash of ground black pepper, it was still enjoyable.


I dare you to finish this by yourself. Double dare!


 Gordonator (another finalist) made his presence in a Stormtrooper’s outfit. I think he’s part of the security team for George.


 I was the first to arrive, so managed to grab a quick shot of Supper Club. The real deal is further in where there are elongated beds for teams of people to lie back and relax.


Arrival of VIPs and Minister George Yeo as GOH for the Singapore Blog Awards 2009 Ceremony.