Slurp up some fine Ramen at Baikohken!


Although I love to suggest new restaurants or cafes for friends to try, I am equally happy when someone brings me to a new undiscovered love. Brian suggested one evening that we head down to one of his favourite ramen places in Singapore, Baikohken.


Hidden amidst the rows of food bistros at Takashimaya Food Basement, this was one of the places I would always walk past and never think about stepping into. With the few seats and arrangement designed for a quick meal, it was not one place I would consider to sit back, relax and converse through dinner. Nonetheless, I was quite impressed with my portion of Shio Char Shu Ramen. The broth is light and savoury, with a lipsmacking oily texture. The noodles, bouncy and crisp, thick enough to carry the flavour of the broth on its own. And the char siew, tender with a slight marbled nature in touches of buttery goodness. While the thick and savoury pork bone broth is more acquainted with Singaporean tastebuds, I found the shi (salt) variant to be a delicate, light touch, packed with robust flavours.

I was almost tempted to add more ingredients or toppings to the ramen, but held back for the love of the gym session I just went to. Maybe more char shu the next time!


Brian had the Shoyu ramen with Char Siew, and it looked like the must try item when I’m back. The broth is definitely heavier and more thickly flavoured, yet still with touches of clarity throughout.


The Gyoza was very nicely done. Generous stuffing, crisp on one side, skin in just the right thickness. Good.

2013-06-01 17.49.48

Baikohken definitely made it to my list of places to revisit when I’m looking for a ramen shop to satisfy cravings. Good quality comes at affordable prices here. Though the shop might be a little small, the food definitely makes up for the entire experience in quick, tasty proportions.

B2 Ngee Ann City
391 Orchard Road
Tel: 6235 3483

Opens from:
11am – 3pm
5pm – 11pm