Shima Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant, Goodwood Park Hotel Excites With Lunch Buffet Menu!


Shima at the Goodwood Park Hotel will be a very familiar name to Singapore diners well acquainted with the Japanese Teppanyaki scene. Established since 1980, Shima is now back after a month-long renovation, and it looks forward to welcoming guests back for some excellent Teppanyaki cuisine.


First founded by Mr. Katsuhiro Watanabe, Shima revolutionised the Japanese dining scene in Singapore with its introduction of fine-dining Teppanyaki service. Much of the menu has remained consistent, becoming a classic over the years. One classic that diners should go for before indulging in the spread of the a la carte, is the Teppanyaki Buffet Lunch available on both weekdays ($49.90++) and weekends ($59.90++). A rather extensive menu of 4-6 appetizers, 7-8 teppanyaki courses, and desserts will be served up. And if you have any particular favourites along the way, simply choose and order for the next theatrical performance in front of you.


Sous Chef Victor Yok served us for the evening


Start off with a cut of thickly sliced salmon sashimi. Fresh, sweet and buttery smooth, I can see guests ordering plates of this to start the lunch with.


Next up, go for the Prawn Tempura. A decent presentation of lightly battered crisp and sweet prawns are deep fried in hot oil just before serve. It definitely has its appeal, and will always be a favourite amongst many.


Start off the teppanyaki course proper with a selection of Salmon braised in Shima’s special homemade sauce. Sweet, nutty, with a mild amount of oily meat, this was exceptionally tasty and lovely to indulge in.


Next go for some Teppanyaki Prawns. Seared with a good amount of oil and garlic, the prawns are optimally cooked between a temperature of 180 – 200 degrees celsius. The result, fragrant earthy prawns with a crisp crunch that while a tad oily, is tasty and delectable on a whole. I can imagine having this with some Japanese steamed rice.


Teppanyaki Prawns


My favourite part of the entire meal is going for the Teppanyaki Oysters. Huge Hokkaido oysters are used in this serving. And it is a pleasure to see the oysters nicely toasted on the outside for the brown crisp streaks, only to reveal a burstful juicy interior upon each bite. I had two servings. Mmm.


Teppanyaki Oysters


Chicken teppanyaki is up next. Quickly grilled, coated in a special sweet sauce and thereafter coasted in a liberal amount of sesame seeds before serve, this was an instant hit across the table.


Chicken Teppanyaki ready to serve


Maureen from misstamchiak had the pleasure of plating her portion on a bowl of Japanese steamed rice for that complete meal in one.


Teppanyaki Vegetables will feature the traditional assortment of beansprouts albeit with a light addition of mushrroms, shredded carrots and lettuce. Smoky, slightly oily and fragrant, I enjoyed this through and through.


Teppanyaki Vegetables


What is teppanyaki without some beef. The lunch buffet will serve up Australian Tenderloin and done to your liking. I had my portion medium rare. Cooking the beef is perhaps the most exciting part of the entire meal as Chef will induce a large flame over the meats to quickly char the surface right before serve. It was certainly fascinating to witness the spectacle.


Teppanyaki Australian Tenderloin


Wagyu beef fat being prepared for our Garlic fried rice.

IMG_7411 IMG_7414

Before the teppanyaki course comes to an end, enjoy a serving of Garlic fried rice. A liberal amount of garlic, egg and wagyu beef fat is used in this preparation for a lightly fragrant, slightly charred rice. It was satisfying, and perhaps a complete end to the entire spread.


After the entire teppayanki course and all their reorders are settled, adjourn to a cooler part of the restaurant for a serving of fruits. It is a pleasant way to end the entire meal.



The 1.1 Generation of Food bloggers. My, we have all grown up.

The buffet menu at Shima is worthy for repeated visits, and it is always a pleasure enjoying freshly prepared dishes straight off the stove. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire menu, and surprisingly by the end of one round off the buffet spread, I was pretty sated. However, key notables like the salmon sashimi, prawn tempura, oysters are definite repeat orders for me. I would love to make a return visit and perhaps one day look at their more extensive Teppanyaki menu.

Thank you Shima for the invitation

Level 1
Goodwood Park Hotel
22 Scotts Road
Singapore 228221
Reservations: 6734 6281
Opens From:
12pm to 3pm
6pm to 10pm
Weekday Lunch Buffet: $49.90++ / $25++ (children)
Weekend Lunch Buffet: $59.90++ / $25++ (children)A La Carte menu items available