Shi Fu Ge Restaurant, The Cze Char Life at Jalan Tampang


The former Sembawang Gardens from years past now has a new Cze Char restaurant located at the spacious corner of 10 Jalan Tampang. Shi Fu Ge, which opened two months ago, is situated on the site where the first air conditioned restaurant in Sembawang once stood – the Sembawang Restaurant, a few decades ago.

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It was once the place where weddings were frequently held, now the rejuvenation of the corner into creating dishes to delight families is at work. With a wide range of repertoire and cuisine experience from Yi Jia le Seafood Restaurant at Jurong West, Shi Fu Ge is bringing familiar well crafted dishes at affordable prices as an addition to the growing repertoire of cze char places to visit in the North.

A mix and match of dishes to make everyone happy, and not forgetting the order of Golden Chicken or Honey Pork, or even engaging in a relaxing night at its cooling alfresco garden area, this is Shi Fu Ge Restaurant.


XO Crab Bee Hoon (2 Crabs at $30) is recommended as one of Shi Fu Ge’s specialty dishes. Presented in a clay pot with a fine white broth immersing the noodles and crab with the light evenness of XO throughout, this is a very hearty dish to engage in especially in the chilly weather these days as night. Satisfying, with a certain warmth, the broth was seafood sweet and crisp. Personally, I would have gone for a tinge bit more of XO to create a little more oomph and savouriness, but that’s me, and this might be good for you.


Lo and behold, this Honey Pork ($10-S) is a very interesting creation from the kitchens of Shi Fu Ge. With each piece glazed in a shiny concoction of condensed milk, evaporated milk and delightful sweet nothings in addition to the toss of curry leaves and chopped chilli padi for that seductive kick, this is one dish that kept me going back for more. The sweetness if addictive, and when that certain level of spice caresses the tastebuds oh so gently, a slight pepperish-ness exudes, making this a thumbs up dish for me.


For something with a spicier and more rounded flavour of zesty, sweet and sour, Shi Fu Ge also serves up a mean serving of Asam Fish Head ($15). The flavours are nice and thick, with a tanginess from the tamarind well developed into the sauce and chunky pineapple and assorted vegetables make up the sides. Good, though I spy a certain missing ingredient to make this dish almost sumptuous. More gravy would be good too. Better if the fish was cooked with the assam sauce for a while longer before serve so that the delectable gravy can seep between the cavities in the meat.


Thai Style Beancurd ($6) at a Cze Char is often seen. Still, to indulge in it again with that crispy beancurd skin yet soft interior (almost hallmarks of the homemade beancurd), while the top has copious amounts of sliced mango and fruit all about in a sweet sour thai dressing, is simply bliss. Pop one, and somehow two will go in.


The Golden Chicken ($10) is one of Shi Fu Ge’s specialties which has yet to be printed on the current menu. This is definitely one of the most unique dishes I’ve had with a crusty coat of salted egg yolk embracing the soft tender pieces of poultry in a slightly salty, spicy sweet flavour. Good enough for most, but sprinkling a dash of salt to exploit full flavours is my best imagination to a divine dish.


For a family feast, one can go for the Superior Pot ($16) filled with Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber, Scallops, Prawns, Squid and Fish in a Brown Savoury Stock. Decently tasty, but I would have gone for the more traditional favourite of Sambal Kang Kong or Sweet Potato Leaves. Something about me, Cze Char and spiciness just form a happy harmony together.



Alfresco Dining Area – Ok, Beer Garden, I admit.


Shi Fu Ge adds another choice for Northern Singapore diners (ok, everyone else can come) to dine at for a meal of family friendly and affordable Cze Char. The dishes are varied, and there are signatures which some regulars deem are a must have for every visit. There are a few kinks to be ironed out, but once the word spreads of another value for money eatery, the former Sembawang Gardens Eatery Scene will have another contributor to the buzzing hungry diner life there.

Thank you Blake, Shi Fu Ge, for the invitation.

Shi Fu Ge Restaurant (Yi Jia Le Seafood Restaurant)
10 Jalan Tampang
Sembawang Garden Arcade
Reservations : 6555 5300