Shi Fu Ge Cze Char Delivery – A Seafood Delight with the Imperial Treasure Pot!


Whenever my family used to crave for Cze Char delivery, few names pop up in mind. One of them is Shi Fu Ge which used to be located at Jalan Tampang near the Sembawang Shopping Centre. However, they have since moved on to a central kitchen and the good news is that they are now focusing on an islandwide cze char delivery service. Most recently, Shi Fu Ge has launched its latest addition to the menu – the Imperial Treasure Pot. Priced at $88.80, tuck in to a entire bag of seafood delights like crabs, prawns, mussels, white clams, potato and corn. It is definitely an appetizing meal that will be great for two persons!


Each bag of seafood is prepared fresh to order, and are available in either spicy or non-spicy. The spicy portion that I went for was lipsmacking and tasty with a good amount of pepperish gravy sweetened by the various seafood, that will definitely go well with white rice. The two crabs in each bag were fresh, juicy and sweet, nicely flavoured with the sauce. While I wished there were a little more prawns, mussels and clams, the real highlight for me was the tender potatoes and the pieces of sweet corn. Somehow, the potatoes were nicely steeped in the gravy and the corn pieces were just brimming with flavour that beckoned the next bite.

With all these said, the portion is good enough for a couple, and maybe 3 persons if you like to share with more dishes. The price of $88.80 might seem a little high, but you do get 2 crabs, and a handful of prawns, mussels and white clams. Now, if they only packed white rice as part of the order and add just a few more pieces of corn and potatoes, I might order this the next time!

Thank you Shi Fu Ge for the Imperial Treasure Pot.

Contact Shi Fu Ge at 6555 5300 for delivery service.
Opening Hours:
10am – 2.30pm
4.30pm – 9.45pm
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