Secret Recipe, I’m sure you’ve heard about this secret…

I’m sure many of you have heard about this secret called Secret Recipe. When I was first let in on the deal, I was told that it serves one of the most yummylicious Chocolate Banana cakes around. Not to mention the large portion and its great price. The Chocolate Banana cake story comes about when my family and I were at the airport last Saturday and were contemplating between the stalls at Terminal 3’s food court before deciding on Secret Recipe which was not too crowded (yet). I knew they had great cakes, but how about their mains? I was game to try.

Pasta has always been a favourite in my own personal menu, and I was quite delighted when the “New” section served Spaghetti Marinara ($12.50). It looks rather good, though I felt that they could do more to spice up the colour of the flavour.

For me, I settled on the Beef Lasagne ($9.20). Having the craving for lasagne for quite some time now, I was a tad disappointed when this version carried too strong umami rich salty flavours that made me appreciate the givings of a glass of ice cold water.

Secret Recipe has an interesting option on the Kid’s menu with the Kids Burger Chix ($6.90). The portion is quite large and I think its a bit much for any young one. Great for sharing though, and its gonna get messy with all the finger food.

The Fish and Chips ($12.90) were simply Fish and Chips.

After all the mains, I still think the Best Kept Secret is the Chocolate Banana Cake ($5.20). With its large sliced serving, generous chunks of banana within layers of chocolate sponge, cream and coating, the slightly sweet cake was a very good play on different soft textures. And I think this is what Secret Recipe does best!

And for now, I shall go watch Glee.

Secret Recipe
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