Say CheezeCake!


I don’t know why, but I simply love red coloured cakes. This one from SayCheezeCake simply appeals to me. The vivid hue of blood red coats the entire sweet dessert, and while topped with a halved strawberry, the green from the leaves add a beautiful contrast. Wonder how it tastes like, its still in my fridge.


The Dark Chocolate Cheesecake on the other hand simply stares into space as though deep in reflection and thought. No words need to be said, and only silence endeavours. Exemplifying its inner beauty and speechlessness to begin with.


White divine and everythings’ nice with this flowery angelic slice. Topped with a juicy yet tart raspberry, succumb to the pleasure of both peacefulness and being kinky. The crisp base is also startling delight!


We would usually say Cheese, but its perhaps time for us to say CheezeCake for every photograph of a memory we take. Now that’s a real change.