Savour your own Ice Cream at the Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store!


Magnum Ice Cream’s biggest party #Makeitpink and #Makeitblack this year unveiled two huge surprises for all its fans in Singapore. The first, two delectable flavours of Magnum Pink (Marc de Champagne) and Magnum Black (Espresso) were released to the crowd in a bid to tickle tastebuds further in different levels of sweetness. The second surprise comes as the launch of the new Magnum Pleasure Store. This novel, mobile store, equipped with comfy chairs and an ice cream bar, will make it roots around Singapore across the months. You can design your own ice cream from scratch, top up with premium toppings, or simply go for their range of desserts and Magnum cocktails to spend the night. For all Magnum Ice Cream fans, this is probably one stop you will not want to miss!


Themed as “Different ice cream for different moments”, the new flavours in Magnum’s line up is meant to cater to personalities that go beyond the traditional. The Magnum Pink is a Marc de Champagne ice cream lusciously coated with a pearl pink layer of Magnum chocolate, and carries a flavour that is light, refreshing and quintessentially happy. The Magnum Black, with flavours of deep espresso coffee swirled within a portion of creamy vanilla ice cream is coated with a crisp layer of dark Magnum chocolate. I would gather this is one ice cream for those who love intense flavours, and those who love that touch of seriousness and fun when the moment calls for it.


The first unique feature of the Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store is the spread of customization options available for all guests. Choose a coat of White, Classic, or Infinity Dark chocolate. Follow that up with any 3 toppings available from the bar counter, and finish it off with some molten chocolate drizzled all over. 


Dried Mixed Flowers and Golden Nuggets ready for the picking.


I made my own ice cream as a Dark Chocolate Coat with Dried Mixed Flowers, Gold Flakes, Popping Candy, and finally ending it off with some smooth white chocolate. It definitely is a treat to enjoy your own flavours and toppings. The sensation of fizzy popping candy bursting in the mouth is such a beautiful textural contrast that it makes ice cream eating all the more enjoyable. Special toppings available include Dried Mixed Flowers,  Gold Flakes, Golden Nuggets, Wolfberries, Rose Petals. For something a little more experimental, there are Chilli Flakes, Popping Candy and the ever popular Sea Salt. Of course, traditional toppings such as Almond Flakes, Caramel Chips, Macadamia Chips, Rice Puffs and Sunflower Seeds and more are available. Can’t decide on what to make? Go for their list of prepared desserts and Magnum cocktails. This probably one of the locations to have both ice cream and alcohol nicely combined.

The Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store will be stationed at Clarke Quay Central Fountain from 27th July to 26th August 12pm to 11pm. After which, check out their Facebook page for the next location! Chill out =D