Savour These Delicious TCC “Onigiri” Rice Dumplings this Dumpling Festival!

For the second year running, The Connoisseur Concerto (TCC) marks Dragon Boat Festival (30 May 2017) with a creative take on traditional Chinese rice dumplings. TCC blends at least three cultures in its 2017 rendition of rice dumplings, available only in May 2017 at all TCC boutique cafes. In traditional Chinese fashion, the sticky rice dumplings are wrapped in large, flat leaves. But in a Japanese-inspired twist, the dumplings take on triangular shapes and feature “hotate” (‘scallop’ in Japanese) in one of its three options. And to top off its eclectic cross-cultural offering, TCC has introduced an all-new Singaporean laksa prawn flavour, on top of familiar local favourites spicy chic(ken) and sambal hotate.

Laksa prawn onigiri ($7.90)

The Laksa prawn onigiri was probably my favourite flavour of the trio because of its faithful laksa taste. I appreciated that the dumpling was filled with most of laksa’s goodness—think numerous juicy prawns, diced tau pok (bean curd puff), and fishcake slices. Though some diners might find issue with the subtle laksa flavour, I think TCC made the right call in ensuring that the laksa’s rich coconut tones are not overwhelming.

Sambal hotate onigiri ($7.90)

I liked the Sambal Hotate onigiri, even though it was disconcerting initially because I wasn’t used to having scallops with rice! But my initial misgivings quickly gave way to pleasure as I savoured the al dente chewiness of the scallops and the mild, but recognisable, taste of the sambal chilli.

Spicy chic onigiri ($5.90)

The spicy chic onigiri most closely resembled a traditional Chinese rice dumpling in both appearance and taste, except for the spice. This had the strongest flavour profile out of the three flavours. This dumpling would probably appeal to the more conservative diner who prefers dumplings closer to what they are used to.

Whether you take out these “onigiri” dumplings or enjoy them in-store, try having a hot cup of tea to accompany these piping-hot dumplings. These onigiri dumplings would also make a great tea time snack. It is a pity that TCC will only sell these inspired rice dumplings this month, because these “onigiri” dumplings are strong contenders for the menu if TCC ever looks to expand its food offerings. Best grab them before they disappear for another year!

Thank you TCC for the onigiri!


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Onigiri Flavours (available only in May 2017)

  • Spicy Chic—$6.50
  • Laksa Prawn—$7.90
  • Sambal Hotate—$7.90

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Any THREE dumplings at $15

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