Salt Tapas & Bar Delights With New, Tantalizing Brunch Items!


Salt Tapas & Bar by Luke Mangan is proud to launch a new range of hearty brunch delights that seeks to pair in the laid-back Aussie ambience with food that will leave you smiling and knowing that the weekend is here. After a generally receptive first visit with the new menu launched by Executive Chef Ronald Li, the restaurant has expanded into the brunch scene with highlights including the Eggs Berentine with bonito flakes or the decadent French toast with Okinawan ice-cream, clotted cream and mango jam. And with brunch available every Saturday and Sunday from 1130am to 3pm, that gives you time to snooze in a little bit more before heading to town for a little R&R.


Start off the Sunday meal with a serving of Eggs Berentine with Boniton Flakes ($14++). A fusion of the popular Eggs Benedict and Florentine, the eggs are sous vide to a perfect 66 degree Celsius for an hour before being gently poached. And just before serve, spinach and ham is layered on the in-house baked muffins, and thereafter the eggs are topped and finish with a hollandaise sauce sprinkled further with bonito flakes.


Those who prefer starting the meal with something a little sweeter might want to consider the French toast served with Okinawan ice-cream, clotted cream and jam ($15++). The house-made brioche is soaked for a good 1-2 minutes in a custard sauce infused with butter, eggs, milk, brown sugar, cinnamon powder, vanilla bean and clover flour, before being pan seared for a slight caramelization on both sides. The Okinawan ice cream, prepared in-house with Okinawan sugar, lends a touch of deep, rounded sweetness, and its freshness cuts the heavy brioche. Generally, a hearty, fulfilling dish and one that is great for sharing.


My favourite, however, still goes to a regular special on the menu. The BBQ pork ribs served with mash, pickled onions, sautéed peas and edamame ($19++) was a delight through and through. The meat was tender, firm, and easily falls off the bone. Its sliver of fat made it all the more beautiful and buttery – a good sign and one where I found out was due to the use of the US Saint Louis Pork Ribs with a good balance in fat and meat The ribs were baked for more than 6 hours before being generously covered with Chef’s special BBQ sauce, allowing the flavours of soy, sugar and tomato (amongst others) to permeate the meat’s crevices. Delish!


For something refreshing and definitely unique, go for the Beets, ricotta cream, fig, pickle green chilli, honey & thyme dressing ($14++). The dish, when served, is a beauty in itself. I adored the colourful contrast, and its gentle pastel hues were inviting. This was also my second time with white beets, and when perfectly prepared, provide a gentle crunch with an earthy sweetness that is almost remarkable. The choice of fresh figs and the side of ricotta interspersed throughout gave a nice play on the gritty and the smooth. It was an instant favourite and one dish which I will order the next time I’m back.


If oysters are part of your idea of a delicious brunch item, Salt Tapas & Bar does prepare them fresh with a side of nam jim dressing by the side ($6++ ea). The oysters were decently plump and juicy, but it was the nam jim sauce whose piquant sweet sour Thai influence that stood out. It was a pleasure combining the flavours of salty freshness with touches of sparkle every so often.


For desserts, go for the house’s specialty of Churros, Nutella sauce, Orange Marmalade, Chantilly cream ($14++). Though the Nutella sauce was a little weaker and thinner than before, the crisp Spanish snack is pure comfort food, and great with a cup of coffee as you while the morning away.  


Having brunch at Salt Tapas & Bar was certainly an invigorating affair, with a range of dishes that seek to impress. Those highlighted, were my favourites for the afternoon. And there are certainly much more available on the menu: the Spanish omelette with spicy sauce and the Club sandwich with Cajun fries are examples of decent fare but are an easy second place. Chef Ronald’s creations are well executed, with glimmers of exciting flavours here and there – a good proposition for a return visit especially for items that have made it to my favourite list.

Thank you Salt Tapas & Bar for the invitation.

Salt Tapas & Bar
Raffles City Shopping Centre
No. 252 North Bridge Road
Singapore 179103
Reservations: 6837 0995
Sat & Sun 11.30am to 3pm