Sakae Sushi Shabu Shabu Comes To Orchard Central


SSSSCTOC – Sakae Sushi Shabu Shabu Comes To Orchard Central. I made this misnomer so that I could easily quote much to the amusement of anyone on Sakae’s latest introduction to another of its outlets. Previously only available at West Coast Plaza, the shabu shabu buffet is now up for partons to dine at in the very heart of the city.

The buffet menu has a decent variety now of over 20 types of veggies, seafood, meats, standard steamboat stuff, and they have two bases of kimchi or chicken. I tried the kimchi this time round and it was tasty with a rich flavour of spices though a tad salty once you start scooping the remains of any broth in the end. And if you have the craving for the standard plates of sushi, yes they are included in the buffet.

However, the variety at Orchard Central this time round was different from the one I had at West Coast. I remember enjoying a rich chicken broth with the addition of Sake, and even the little beancurd skin bags stuffed with sweetened glutinous rice paste.

The price per person is about $25, and for the variety it may not seem like its up to the value but when you consider the locality, cleanliness of a good steamboat, then I am sure the price is worth it.