Return of the Seafood Galore Buffet at Parkroyal on Beach Road!

It is the return of the Seafood Galore buffet at Parkroyal on Beach Road. After a sterling promotion last September which saw guests spoilt for choice with an assortment of fish, clams, prawns all cooked in varied styles served a la minute, this delightful array is back to tempt the senses for two whole months from 1st May to 30th June! With Mothers’ Day around the corner and Fathers’ Day upcoming the following month, Plaza Brasserie could be the place to visit to celebrate that special occasion, specially for them.


One thing I really appreciate about this promotion is that in addition to the traditional buffet spread available from the counters, you can now order Fresh fish and fish head, clams, mussels, prawns, lala cooked in various styles freshly served to the table. The fishes are available from Mondays to Thursday only, while the other seafood assortment is available Everyday of the week!

To really tickle tastebuds, I was started off with the Mixed Stir Fried Bamboo Clams with Lala. A good stir fry with natural sea flavours spiced up with shreds of chopped chilli padi to give that distinct pepperish flavour as you slowly pick the meat off the shells, slurping the juices along the way. Slightly sea salty with a mellow fragrance, this is just pure indulgence.


For those who prefer the lighter side of the sea, there is always the Cantonese Steamed Sea Bass with Superior Soya Sauce to order. Very fresh, meaty, with a clear taste and balance between the fish and the tranquil sauce. One thing to note, I wonder where the other cheek of the fish went. Must have fallen off midway…


The Indian Fish Head Curry makes its return. Served in a claypot to share, this is for all fish head lover who just want to nibble the bits. An interesting rendition this time round with its slightly lacklustre gravy. While the assortment of vegetables was generous, I noted that something was missing from the spice list this time round. Maybe it’s the tamarind? Hmm..


But for a real winner to try, there is the Braised Fish Head with Yam. I take this as one of the most hearty fish dishes I have tried thus far. And being a lover for Chestnuts, Yams, Tapoica (those sort of roots and vegetables), this deserves a thumbs up from me. Slightly smoky flavoured, with a thorough filling bite from the yam pieces and a rich sauce that goes so elegantly with the fish pieces.


Some of the spread available at Plaza Brasserie. Roasts, Prata, Sushi and Sashimi selections available behind.


Plaza Brasserie now serves up cafe delights for guests to have in or to go. One of the most unique cakes available is the Carrot Cake, which I noted for its very moist interior, extremely nutty spread and a balanced sweetness tapered off with slightly tangy cream cheese as the icing. Available $8.00+ a slice.

IMG_6499 IMG_6500

Iced blended drinks of Mocha, Chocolate and Coffee are available. A little on the sweet side but a good replacement for coffee if you are in the area.


I am glad the Seafood Galore promotion is back, and it comes in good time for this holiday season! The dishes featured here are only a small selection of what you can order. So if you are a lover of all things seafood, be prepared to feast, and on top of that, do try that carrot cake too. It’s a real sweet way to end the meal =D

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Many thanks to Karen, Parkroyal on Beach Road for the Invitation

Plaza Brasserie
Parkroyal on Beach Road
7500A Beach Road
Tel : 6505 5710

Walking distance from Nicoll Highway MRT Station

Seafood Galore Promotion (Dinner only)
Mon – Thu : All seafood inclusive of Fish, Fish Head, Clams, Prawns, Mussels in various styles
Fri – Sun : Clams, Prawns, Mussels in various styles

Mothers’ Day Weekend Prices
12-13th May 2012
Lunch & Dinner prices : Adult $58++ Child $35++
As a special treat during these two days, all mothers will receive a complimentary return buffet voucher for Fathers’ Day in June

Fathers’ Day High Tea Bufet
16-17th June 2012
Lunch : Adult $42++ Child $25++
Dinner : Adult $55++ Child $33++

Please contact the restaurant at 6505 5710 to confirm daily pricings and promotions