Resorts World Sentosa Presents A Textural Flaky Delight This Mooncake Festival!


This year’s mooncake festival is just about two weeks away! It gets even more exciting to follow the trends of what’s new and interesting in the mooncake world. At Resorts World Sentosa, the team from Fengshui inn this year has created an assortment of textured mooncakes in addition to their traditional repertoire. Two captivating items, the Flaky pastry with Organic Japanese Purple Sweet Potatoes and the  Flaky pastry with Organic Japanese Golden Sweet Potatoes, sound as good as they look. Want a bite into something a little more exotic, there’s also the Hawaiian Golden Pineapple Paste with grade AA Imperial Bird’s Nest. Tempted?


Packaging for this year’s Premium Box of mooncakes – the tiered system. Almost difficult to remove the mooncakes from the inner decks, until I realised that you should remove the paper boxes first. 


The flaky crust mooncake. 


RWS Fengshui Inn’s Premium Box ($88) contains 8 mooncakes of 2 flavours each, ranging from Hawaiian Golden Pineapple paste with premium grade AA Imperial Bird’s Nest; Premium Grade AA Imperial Bird’s Nest; Flaky Pastry with Organic Japanese Golden Sweet Potatoes; and Flaky Pastry with Organic Japanese Purple Sweet Potatoes.

The flaky crust crumbles very easily upon the bite, revealing a tender and generous filling within. The golden sweet potatoes are not too sweet, with just the right texture to make it smooth and buttery.


The purple sweet potato filling on the other hand carried a slightly different sweetness that was a little rounded and hearty. Both mooncakes are best enjoyed when toasted warm. 


The premium selection of mooncakes – Mooncakes with bird’s nest.


While the mooncakes with bird’s nest sound exciting, I have to admit they don’t taste as luxurious as they sound. Bird’s nest is quite flavourless with it building on the tastes from its surrounding ingredients. Hence, its incorporation with the lotus paste made the entire mooncake seem a little ordinary. 


The Hawaiian Golden Pineapple paste with premium grade AA Imperial Bird’s Nest is something worth taking a bite into. The tangy sweet pineapple paste is a wonderful mix with the overall lotus sweetness. Pair that with strands of bird’s nest prominently standing out here and there, and what you get is a more satisfying experience.

All mooncakes are available at Feng Shui Inn, and RWS Festive Hotel Lobby from now till 19 September. For purchase of flaky crust mooncakes, guests are advised to call 6577 6688, 5 days in advance for reservations.

Thank you Resorts World Sentosa for the mooncakes.