Re!joicing In The Re!Plenish Brunch Buffet

Situated up a slope at Pearl’s Hill and amidst the lush foliage of trees and tendered shrubs, a little boutique hotel stands dressed in retro colours of white, shades of yellow and the occasional purple. And it is in this private, quiet setting that a certain serene atmosphere is created.

Hotel Re!, a modern retro themed boutique hotel is a relative young upstart in the industry, and every weekend and public holidays, a Re!Plenish brunch buffet is available located at their newly constructed Re!Joice ballroom. With over 40 varieties featuring local favourites, and international offerings, together with a comfortable setting, one can truly sit back, relax and indulge.

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An assortment of appetizers from salads, cold pastas, shrimp cocktails served in shot glasses and even local snacks such as fried flat fish served with thai sweet sauce is available. I particularly enjoyed the Chilled Penne Pasta. Served up al dente with a slightly sweet yet savoury offering from the bacon bits, it was addictive to the bite.

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For the mains, there is a wide spread over 10 tasty choices to choose from. Re!Plenish Brunch Buffet while it is international, also has a very good selection of local favourites. Choice dishes like Satay, Sauteed Prawn Szechuan Style, Roasted Duck with Mango Salsa, Sliced Fish with Egg White and Yellow Chives, Chicken Roulade with Onion and Apple Cider, and even Grilled Lamb in Port Wine are available. Speaking to Executive Chef William, the menu for the buffet changes slightly each time round, so one may never know what new item might be served.


I have to admit that out of all the mains, this dish caught my attention. Salmon Roulade in Nonya Sauce. The flesh of the salmon is cooked just right with a good amount of flakiness yet with the natural oils still present to smother the meat within. The sauce that the fish is braised in is a slightly fruity sweet with a strong essence of tomato sourness together with a distinctive selection of spices. Atypical of the Peranakan culture, the sauce went very well with the salmon.

A mushroom fiesta!

Thai Fried Rice is served as the staple with a liberal spread of floss, pineapple cubes and sauteed onions.

The sashimi counter serving up slices of fresh salmon and tuna.

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Sushi and tempura prawns also make its presence.


Rows and rows of Siew Mai

I was reminded of Crystal dumplings when I looked at their Har Gao

Red Bean Paste Buns complete the dim sum booth

A live counter featuring Laksa. The spicy coconut rich gravy is very good in this buffet. Hot enough to give you that kick for another sip, and creamy enough to coat the white noodles to leave a good sense of mouthwatering tastiness.

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The dessert section is well assorted with choices of cakes, eclairs, tarts and local flavours such as bandung sago served in shot glasses are presented.

The island of buffet mains

The serene quietness up the hill. I would have gone up to take photos if it did not start to drizzle.


The Re!Plenish 923 Brunch buffet is pleasant for a family retreat with a good spread of dishes away from the city-like atmosphere. Interestingly, since the buffet is located in 1 of 2 ballrooms, more guests up to 450 can be accommodated. And when it comes to the spread of cuisine available for any private functions, choices are highly customizable and even themed settings of your choice can be arranged.

Many thanks to Shuhui from Hotel Re! for the invitation.

Hotel Re!
175A Chin Swee Road
Tel : 6827 8288
Website :

Buffet Brunch : Weekends, Public Holidays (11am to 3pm)

Pricing :
Adult $38.80++ per person
Child $18.80++ per person

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