Quickbites : Eating Pufferfish @ Sushi Tarafuku


I wonder how many times have I been back at Sushi Tarafuku. 6? No 7? times in the last 6 months at least. It has always been my prime location to go and get a crave fix for uni (sea urchin) and even the everloving Mentaiko Sardine

This time round, Sushi Tarafuku has a promotional fish set menu and surprise surprise! There’s pufferfish!


Sashimi has always been a specialty of the restaurant as it also labels itself as a Japanese Fish Market. The sea urchin is without doubt one of the best in Singapore as there is a clean clear cut taste, with a smooth creamy aftertexture coupled with a slightly bitter sweet peakish notes upon each bite. 1 serving costs $16.80, and it is well worth it. Very close to the ones I had straight from the shell.

The sushi section has slightly changed in concept where previously most sushis were $0.99 apiece. Now, most of the variety comes in sets of 2 for $2.00. Salmon sushi is almost always on my next order to uni.

Mum had the promotional fish set with a serving of tossed salmon flake salad, deep fried pufferfish, mentaiko sardine, sashimi moriwase (its the 2nd picture above not including the uni) and the standard portion of rice, miso soup, and cut fruit. I can’t remember the price but it cost about $20++ for the set. Very, very worth it.

The salmon flake salad was crisp and refreshing with a decent tangy dressing being tossed into the greens.

The highlight of this meal has to be the pufferfish. So I simply had to take a portion from mum to try. Clearly, pufferfish has a very meaty firm texture that is slightly oily with a deep savoury flavour within. Almost like a sense of sea freshness. I wouldn’t go so far to describe it as cod though the texture is quite similar.


The Mentaiko Sardine was grilled exquisitely as usual. While the grilled sardine is meaty with a tinge of well rounded sourness, the stuffing of spiced fish roe is exceptionally tantalizing. The combination of umami with the sharp taste of chilli is one that will leave you wanting for more.

The Custard Pudding ($4.99) was quite decent with the pudding itself not being too sweet. I especially enjoyed scraping the flavours of caramel syrup into each spoonful for a complex sugary taste.


The first few times I went to Sushi Tarafuku, the Whole Orange Jelly ($5.99) was a top seller. I enjoyed it once the last time I went, and this time I am still enjoying it. Its a whole orange with the insides scooped out, blended well and made back into jelly served in the fruit. Light, not too sweet, fruit flavours after a very good meal.

I very much think I enjoyed this meal at Sushi Tarafuku. Will definitely be back again.

Sushi Tarafuku Seafood Market & Restaurant
313 Orchard Road
#B3-31/34, Food Hall

Opens from : 11am – 11pm
Tel : 6634 0889

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