Quick lunch with CP Foods! Heat up and Eat!


I had the privilege of taste testing 4 products from CP Foods this afternoon as my friend Wan Xin sought opinions on the various frozen food quick meals produced by the company. I think the most familiar dish out of the 4 shown above would be the Shrimp Wontons. I bought them before from Fairprice, heated it up and found them excellent and quick to satisfy. With other varieties such as Grilled Teriyaki Salmon with Japanese Rice, Spaghetti with Chicken Sauce and Teriyaki Chicken with Rice available, I was curious to how they would be like. For quick bites, a microwave and friends living down the dorm corridor, this was one lunch meant to be shared.


The Grilled Salmon Teriyaki with Rice carried the lowest calorie content out of the three mains. I was intrigued by how it would taste like and found it pretty decently flavoured in its natural sweetness. Packaged with Japanese rice, carrots and broccoli, the set was good mix of meat and vegetables. Although I have to admit that the portion for salmon could be slightly bigger. It look a little disproportionate with the amount of rice.


All of us (namely Wu Chao, Jieqi, and me) found the Chicken Teriyaki with Rice the best dish. Maybe it’s a peculiar trait that all of us happen to enjoy savoury foods, but one can hardly go wrong with some tasty teriyaki sauce that adds to the umami sweetness of the dish. The chicken pieces were tender and the sides of Chye sim and carrots decent. Thai rice accompanies the dish to provide a fulfilling meal.


For a more western touch, there is the Spaghetti with Chicken Sauce. Looks good! Although personally I could have easily settled for double the portion sizes of spaghetti.


Mix it all up in the sauce, even better! I always wondered how frozen cooked pasta would be like when reheated. Seems pretty good in its own right. The sauce was thick with chicken mince, sticking very well to the noodles. Burstful tomato flavours all in a meaty bite. For the combination, my second favourite main!


Le tradition Shrimp Wanton. Good silky wanton skin, crisp meaty shrimps, tasty broth. As my friend Aaron places it, “So Yummeh”. Point taken.


Wu Chao can be the poster boy for the products…

Heating the frozen foods was relatively simple. Although I did learn a little physics along the way that if I heat up more than one container in a single wave, I should increase the time taken to properly warm the food. The average time to prepare each individual dish is about 4 minutes. Great and simple if exams are around the corner and one needs all the time potentially available. But then again, I do advocate eating fresh foods as well. There is just so much frozen foods and dishes can nutritionally and flavourfully satisfy.

If you like to try these CP Foods, head down to West Mall on 4 Nov 2012 to visit Team Sabai Sabai! Thanks Wan Xin and team! http://www.facebook.com/CPSabaiSabai