Quick Eats At Tian Wang

Yang Zhou Fried Rice

Its nice when you know you have a Chinese restaurant to go to and not blow a very big budget for the food. Yet the ambience of the place is contemporary and professional.


Mum had the Yang Zhou fried rice. It was slightly fragrant and fluffy with a generous amount of ingredients stirred within. She enjoyed it, and it was good.


For myself, I ordered the Three Cup Chicken with Rice. At $5.00 it is reasonably priced for a restaurant. When it comes to the chicken pieces, it is well coated with a slick savoury sauce that carries a slight hint of chinese wine within. Nice, though I would have preferred that they use dried chillies instead of fresh chillies in the recipe.


The Salted Egg Yolk Pumpkin Slices ($6) is perhaps a very simple dish to create. But the ingenuity of coating sweet and starchy pumpkin in a buttery powdery salted egg yolk sauce makes each piece of the hardy vegetable all the more delectable. It was like a very guilty dish of french fries, but oh so good.


I had the Luohan Longan Tea while Mum had the Homemade Barley. Average but still thirst quenchers.

_MG_0241 Tian Wang
2nd Floor
Sembawang Shopping Centre