Pickat SG Updates To Ver 1.9, Makes Sharing Your Gourmet Adventures & Redemptions Even Easier!

 2013-12-30 07.04.40

Pickat SG has been updated to version 1.9 with smoother integration and some behind the scenes tweaks that makes the app much more user friendly to engage in. The redemption coupon feature has been streamlined and a new “My Places” section introduced for a consolidated list of places users has been to.

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My Places

The new feature “My Places” can be accessed from the top right corner of the home screen. Within, users will be presented with a list of their Picks, places they’ve been to or bookmarked picks for their easy viewing. And if you feel that their Pick should not be there, users are able to “edit” and “delete” the pick.

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Streamlined Coupon Redemption

The Coupon Redemption is one key feature of Pickat SG and its great news to all that the steps to enjoy the benefits has now been made even simpler. Just select the coupon you wish to redeem, download and let the vendor key in his pin to verify the redemption.

2013-12-30 07.06.30

The coupon available for Pickat SG users include :

· Department of caffeine (D.O.C) (*Exclusive to Pickat Users: 15% off food bill (exclude drinks) per person with minimum spending of $20*) valid till 29th Jan 2014

PICK Changes

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Making Picks are also simpler with about 4 steps from start to end. Search for a restaurant, or you could add a new place.

2013-12-30 07.22  2013-12-30 07.22.48

Change the “Theme” which your Pick will fall under. Add a photo and share a few thoughts to publish on Facebook and/or twitter. Personally, I like the interface for Picks now. With lesser fields on a single page, the whole outlook just seems cleaner and extremely user friendly.

Pickat Version 1.90 (1)

Ready for your own Pickat SG experience? Download the application here at :

iTunes:  http://bit.ly/1dWtPqW

GooglePlay: http://bit.ly/HE8Huz

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