Pezzo Pizza – The Delectable Gourmet Pizza Selection That Is Available For Delivery!

Pezzo 2013-1

You might have notice Pezzo, the home-grown pizzeria chain, appearing more frequently at malls across Singapore. With 13 convenient pizza-by-the-slice kiosks and 6 delivery stores, Pezzo is back to inject a little fun into the pizza eating experience. The selection of  Fisherman’s Favourite, Sambal Ikan Bilis, Hot Chick and the season’s special of Ho Ho Hola Hawaiian are gourmet choices with generous toppings on lovely, chewy savoury pizza crust bread.

Pezzo 2013-2

The Ho Ho Hola Hawaiian pizza ($29.90), is topped with Turkey Ham, Turkey Bacon, Green Pepper, Fresh Peach, Cherry Tomato & Mozzarella Cheese. The festive pizza will only be available at the Pezzo kiosks and for takeaways from now to 31st Dec 2013. The choice of peach and cherry tomato with green pepper make this pizza pretty unique visually though the flavours might be a little acquired for some. There is perhaps something outlandishly sweet from the peach that does not go too well with the rest of the pizza. Still, it is a festive choice and may add a little sparkle to the Christmas party to come.

Pezzo 2013-4

Pezzo’s Signature Sambal Ikan Billis is a simple creation of the spicy, piquant chilli together with fried ikan billis and a serving of mozzarella cheese. Strongly flavoured, this was appetizing in the first bite and a little hot along the way – great for the next entertaining factor when you pass a slice to an unsuspecting chilli averse friend. I found the flavours to be a little salty at the end with the umami richness from the cheese accentuating the ingredients a little too much.

Pezzo 2013-6

A definite delight is the Fisherman’s Favourite. This gourmet pizza made with tuna chunks, shrimps, spinach, onions, red pepper, tomatoes, oregano, basil and finally mozzarella cheese is well received my entire crowd. The creamy base with the savoury sweet ingredients stand out easily in satisfying portions, giving all a something to look forward to with every bite. I’ll order this the next time I’m thinking of Pezzo – it is good.

Pezzo 2013-7

The Hot Chick is the next spicy creation that will delight those who love a little chilli sauce all over their pizza. Topped with strips of spicy chicken, special Pezzo chilli sauce, red chilli, peppers, roast garlic and a combination of cheddar and mozzarella cheese, the Hot Chick is one option that will also stand out from the pizza crowd. In all, the selection of Pizzas from Pezzo is worth taking a closer look. With one more option for deliveries or takeaways, pizza dinners just got a little better. Especially so with the gourmet selection from Pezzo that sells pizzas both whole and by the slice. Visit for more information or arrange delivery at 6665 6565.