The Return of the Penang Hawkers’ Fare Buffet at the York Hotel Singapore!

For a limited time only from December 15 2017 to January 1 2018, the White Rose Cafe at the York Hotel Singapore will be playing host to the chefs and culinary masters for the ever-popular Penang Hawkers’ Buffet! Priced from $29++ per person, this is probably one of the most affordable and indulgent local buffet spreads this festive season (yes, on Christmas day and the New Year)!

Tuck in to street-food classics like the Penang Laksa, Nasi Lemak with Nonya Chicken Kapitan and even the delectable Oyster Omelette (though the oysters were a little too small for my liking).

And a must try, as always, is the delectable Char Kway Teow prepared fresh in a myriad of audio and aromatic spectacle. When the chefs clash their ladles against the wok, and with the whiff of that slight char and chilli spice in the air, it is almost too hard to resist walking away with a plate or two of that delicious Char Kway Teow!

New for this season’s iteration of the Penang Hawkers’ Buffet is the Penang Char Koay Kak. In what is a fragrant delicacy usually served for breakfast or supper, Koay Kak are rice cakes that are first steamed, then fried with soy sauce, chye poh, prawns, bean sprouts, eggs and chilli paste. It was, to me, an amalgamation of Chai Tao Kueh loaded with seafood!

If there is one dish that you must save tummy space for, that is the Penang Prawn Mee! I absolutely loved the heady prawn-rich broth that boasted a deep sea savouriness, a delicate sweet aromatic, and the lasting satisfaction of a comforting flavour. The prawn mee comes served with pork ribs, bits of tiny prawns, bee hoon and mee. And if you are feeling up for that kick for the evening meal, add a dollop of chilli paste for that mouthwatering heat.

For dessert, must tries include the Ban Chang Kway and Chendol. The former, a dish of piping hot golden brown pancakes garnished with margarine, peanut and sugar, was exceptionally crispy and worth every mouthful. The first crunch was the most memorable.

And of course, one cannot leave the buffet table without tucking in to some deeply aromatic chendol. The ice-based dessert is lavishly doused with rich coconut milk, generous amounts of caramelised palm sugar, and oodles of green chendol and red bean. Delightful!

Other items to savour are delicacies like the Penang Rojak, Cuttlefish Kang Kong, Lor Bak, Kway Teow Soup or Dry, and the perennial dessert favourite – the ice kachang and ice ball.

It is easy to see why this buffet is a favourite amongst fans of Penang cuisine, and those seeking a value-for-money spread during the festive period. Yet, there is a limit to how many dishes one could possibly enjoy as each choice can be a wholesome meal on its own. Furthermore, the selection, while tasty in its own right, is possibly only a fraction of the gourmet hawker experience when compared to having the dish in the streets of Penang itself. Nevertheless, this is still one more option for diners to take note of. And York Hotel has sweetened the entire deal with a Penang Hawker’s Fare Lucky Draw where a two-night weekend stay in a Premier Room plus dining rights are up for grabs. Who knows, you could be the lucky one?

Thank you York Hotel for the invitation.

White Rose Cafe
York Hotel Singapore

21 Mount Elizabeth
Singapore 228516

Contact: 6737 0511

Penang Hawker’s Fare Buffet
December 15 2017 to January 1 2018

Available for lunch and dinner
Weekdays: $29++ per adult; $20++ per child (Aged 12 years and below)
Weekends and Public Holidays: $33++ per adult; $23++ per child (Aged 12 years and below)